‘Having a child doesn’t fit into these women’s schedule’: is this the future of surrogacy?

Sahakian has a reputation for pushing boundaries, and he relishes it: it’s given him a notoriety that drives his business. In 2001, he helped the oldest woman on record in France, Jeanine Salomone, conceive using donor eggs and give birth at 62. A scandal erupted in France – where both surrogacy and artificial insemination of […]

‘This is the best thing I’ve seen’: Bill Murray recalls the moment he knew he wanted Ghostbusters role… as the cast reunites 36 years after original movie

The 69-year-old actor is reprising his role as Dr. Peter Venkman in the film – which is a direct sequel to the original 1984 Ghostbusters movie and 1989’s Ghostbusters II – and he agreed to come back to the supernatural comedy franchise after being impressed with the story written by Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan.

At 63, Marissa Is Missing Her Daughter’s Wedding Dress Fitting As She Fights For Her Fellow Nurses

This isn’t Marissa’s first experience with a deadly, mysterious virus. In the 1980s and ’90s, she nursed patients through the AIDS epidemic. That was also a time of misinformation and confusion about an unknown virus. Initially it predominately affected gay men, although high rates of intravenous drug use and poverty also meant her South Bronx […]

Now coronavirus rise spreads to the middle-aged: England is on the brink of losing control of Covid outbreak, warns SAGE adviser – as infections in the over-50s soar by 92 PER CENT

SAGE adviser Sir Mark Walport (left) has warned the British public that the nation is on the brink of ‘losing control’ of the viral outbreak as he urged people to cut off contact with friends and family. Michael Gove (right) today urged people to act ‘in tune with’ the rules this weekend ahead of the […]

Vacuous. Venal. The family that warped a generation: As the curtain falls on the infamous reality show, SARAH VINE — mother of a teenage girl — says Keeping Up With The Kardashians has done more to set back feminism than anything else this century

Romance: Caitlyn and Kris separated in 2013, and Caitlyn came out as transgender in 2015, telling Vanity Fair that the marriage breakdown was ‘20 per cent gender and 80 per cent the way I was treated’. In Caitlyn’s 2007 memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, she claimed she had told Kris about her gender issues, […]

Ghostbusters reunion is happening on YouTube with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver to benefit a charity

Juno filmmaker Jason said: ‘If I think about who I’m making this movie for, it’s my father. We all know what it’s like to be told stories by our parents. I’m really honored to get a chance to tell one back to him from the world he brought to life.’

Heel spurs and stammers: What kept people from military service?

“At 26, they become too old to register, but failure to register can carry lifelong consequences, and non-registrants risk being disqualified from access to federal college loans and grants, job training programs, all federal jobs and many state and municipal jobs,” he added. “All documented and undocumented immigrants must register, as well. Otherwise they risk […]

‘Talentless dumbo bimbos!’ Piers Morgan accuses Kim Kardashian of being PLEASED by Kanye West’s meltdown as it creates storylines in scathing attack as KUWTK is cancelled

From a sex tape to the top of rich lists: How the Kardashians turned a reality show into a money-spinning billion dollar family empire that spans social media, lip kits and shape wear Published: 02:48 BST, 9 September 2020 | Updated: 23:03 BST, 9 September 2020

Behind this historic hay shed hides an incredible family home – complete with stunning rustic decor, an industrial kitchen, polished concrete and chic barn doors

Agent Scott Hunter from top real estate agency Ray White said the former hay shed has been attracting keen interest since it was listed for sale at auction on Saturday, September 5.

Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Performance, Ranked

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) As you may have noticed by now, four of Leo’s top five films are Martin Scorsese works. These are four very different performances, but they’re all terrific in their own way, not to mention the purest expression of DiCaprio’s impressive skill set. This, of course, is the most recent […]