ICE flew detainees to Virginia so the planes could transport agents to D.C. protests. A huge coronavirus outbreak followed

Last month, the director of Immigration Centers of America (ICA), the company that operates the Farmville detention center, said local ICE officials resisted the plan to transfer the 74 detainees into his facility because there wasn’t enough room to properly quarantine them at a county jail about 100 miles away that is normally reserved for […]

New Nest Thermostat hits FCC with 60GHz radar, hinting at Pixel 4-style Project Soli gestures

Google appears to have a new Nest Thermostat in the works, according to new FCC documentation. It could be equipped with Google’s Project Soli radar motion controls, in what would be a first for the company’s home products, as spotted by Droid Life.

‘I flew to Barcelona during the pandemic and this is how my holiday went’

She said: “Visiting in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t an easy decision for me to make but, not having seen my family since Christmas, I was anxious to travel in case more restrictions come into force in the near future, rather than less.”

100 Albums Released in 2020 to Put on Your Radar

On his fifth studio effort, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald weaves intricate narratives over twangy guitar notes and sweeping instrumentals. Intimacy is the operative mode, and that’s evident as early as the album’s lead single, “I Love That Sound.” To promote the new material during times of social distancing, Fitzgerald will perform a series of small outdoor […]

Adil Rashid on Chris Silverwood’s radar for England’s Test side

Again Silverwood was cagey. “I would like to see him with a red ball in his hand and this is a conversation that is ongoing. But I don’t want to cloud things at the moment; it is another chat to have. There is the possibility of a red-ball camp and some competitive games later in […]

SF-based court back on conservatives’ radar as Trump ruling nears

It would also put Arizona and five other states in a new circuit that, over time, would probably become more conservative. The judges would initially come from the current Ninth Circuit, but Trump would fill any vacancies that arose, and the Senate Judiciary Committee has given home-state senators veto power over court nominees. In the […]

Wildbuzz: Pied cuckoo Megh goes off satellite’s radar

A startling manifestation of climate change is evident in the erstwhile paradise of India. Ever since epic floods swept Srinagar in 2014, snakes have surfaced in urban areas and these include the highly-venomous Levantine vipers, known in Kashmir as the ‘Gunas’. To meet the challenge of frantic calls from Srinagar residents, a courageous lady wildlife […]

Betting in Associate and T20 leagues: Under the radar, over the top

Aside from his strange ball-by-ball commentary, the man wore jeans and sunglasses, and had a hoodie pulled up over his head combined with a sport coat to conceal a mobile phone he was shouting into – possibly to bettors half a world away – on a hot summer day when everyone else was in shorts […]

The sky is on fire in San Francisco, and we flew a drone through it

Wildfires have already burned a record 2.3 million acres across California this year. Swathes of the Pacific Northwest are ablaze, too, in what Oregon Gov. Kate Brown called a “once in a generation event.” Strong winds that followed record-breaking heat over Labor Day weekend have made a bad fire situation even worse.

Patti LaBelle’s Shoes Flew Right Off to Heaven During Her Verzuz Battle With Gladys Knight

If you were waiting for the other shoe to drop, however, Sunday’s Verzuz also had an eleventh hour reveal that would have had us quaking in our boots (if we had to sing with her right off-stage, we mean.) Fellow legend Dionne Warwick joined the duo for a rendition of “That’s What Friends Are For” […]