Kerala’s 17 missing flew to Iran before going off radar

“It is too early to say whether they received money to travel till Iran; we are working on those aspects. There could be others who have joined the IS and we don’t know about them yet. The Iran route is a revelation for us and we have alerted all the airports about such suspicious movements […]

Swarm of ladybugs 80 miles by 80 miles is so large that it shows up on the National Weather Service radar as a huge storm system flying at 9,000ft

But Dandrea asserted that they weren’t in a concentrated mass but moreso spread across the sky, flying from 5,000 to 9,000ft above ground. The most concentrated mass was roughly 10 miles wide. 

Bugs in the system: Gigantic swarm of dragonflies stretching from Virginia to North Carolina is so big that weather radar mistakes it for rain clouds

The NWS tweeted about the unusual condition on Monday: ‘Bit of a radar conundrum today. No rain around the region with decent returns on radar. Usually we’d think we’re seeing bugs. Dual polarization radar products argue otherwise and some of these returns are above 10,000ft.’

Ground Penetrating Radar to be used to locate bodies buried in Idukki landslide

Idukki: Ground Penetrating Radar will be used to locate bodies buried in the landslide at Pettimudi in the district, where the death toll has risen to 58 with the recovery of three more bodies, a senior official said here on Sunday (August 16, 2020).

Earth’s closest ever recorded fly-by: Asteroid the size of a CAR flew within 1,830 miles of our planet this weekend and NASA didn’t see it until AFTERWARDS

Astronomers are hunting for asteroids larger than 450ft as they can cause ‘catastrophic damage’ Researchers have discovered most of the asteroids that are about a kilometers in size, but are now on the hunt for those that are about 459ft (140m) – as they could cause catastrophic damage.

The new business casual? The athleisure brands to have on your radar to look presentable but feel comfortable while out of the house when pants are no longer optional

Founder of accessory brand Quay Australia has teamed up with lifestyle brand Dream Bandits to launch a sustainable collection of short and long sleeved bodysuits and swimwear in a variety of colors

On my radar: Daisy Edgar-Jones’s cultural highlights

We have a record player and I have a load of my parents’s old vinyl albums from when they were young. When I was 18, I found my dad’s copy of Dark Side of the Moon and thought it was incredible. I enjoy the thought of my dad listening to it when he was younger, […]

Bill Clinton flew to Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘orgy island’ with ‘two young girls’, bombshell Ghislaine Maxwell docs claim

Epstein’s former mentor estimated the late financier had a worth of around $100bn Maxwell’s legal team tried and failed to delay the release of the court docs The trove of files revealed startling allegations, including that Epstein tried to guide Maxwell in how to respond to sordid claims Maxwell, 58, is accused of helping Epstein […]

Jeffrey Epstein flight list: Who flew on the paedo’s private jet dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’?

Maxwell, who was the billionaire’s lover, is accused of “delivering underage girls into Epstein’s trap” by grooming them and “putting them at ease as an adult woman” as she stood over the pervert as he carried out his sick abuse.

Prince Andrew flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet AFTER the billionaire was arrested for sex with underage girls

The flight revelations come as it emerged that Andrew flew into such a furious rage at a highly respected aide that Prince Charles asked him to apologise.