Happiest Minds: An IPO that flew under the radar in startup land

“This is my fourth innings, and it should be the final legacy I hope to create,” he told me one day about in 2011. Clearly, with the public listing of Happiest Minds, he has cemented his legacy as one of the finest founders India has ever had; defied the ageist notion that entrepreneurship is a […]

15 N64 games that deserve sequels on the Nintendo Switch

Perfect Dark felt bigger than GoldenEye, but that was partly the problem. Even with the help of the RAM booster pack the game was a challenge for the Nintendo 64 to run, with a frame rate that dropped perilously low if too many things exploded at once. There have been attempts to revive the franchise, […]

US Spy Plane Impersonates Malaysian Aircraft to Fly Close to Chinese Airspace – Report

​The think tank noted another RC-135W performed the same maneuver several days prior: broadcasting a nonsense International Civil Aviation Organization (IACO) hex code identifier while it patrolled in the South China Sea, but switching back once it entered the Philippine Sea. Similar situation just happened a fews days ago.#SouthChinaSea with the hex code #07675C, and […]

Happiest Minds Technologies trades at over 60% premium in grey market

Happiest Minds is an IT servicing company which applies agile methodologies and focuses on delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights. Its business is divided into three categories namely Digital Business Service (DBS), Product Engineering Service (PES) and Infrastructure and Management Security Service (IMSS).

US Cobra Ball Spy Plane Spotted Adopting Malaysian ID to Spy on Chinese Missile Test

Sputnik reported the day prior that a relative of the Cobra Ball, an RC-135W Rivet Joint signals intelligence plane, had performed a similar maneuver over the South China Sea. In that incident, the Rivet Joint also disguised itself as a Malaysian plane before flying back and forth in the waterway between the Paracel Islands and […]

F-16 didn’t down India’s MiG-21 Bison, claims top Chinese military expert

“All existing signs indicate that it is improbable a surface-to-air missile. The wreckage of the MiG-21 fighter jet should be comminuted debris caused by the cellular explosion. However, it is evident that part of the crashed MiG-21 fighter jet was cut by a missile, instead of exploding in the air. It was directly hit by […]

Paddle wheels discovered in Lake Champlain belonged to the 200-year-old SS Phoenix steamship, which caught fire and killed six passengers

‘Gary’s amazing discoveries bring one of the most tragic maritime accidents in Lake Champlain’s history into sharp focus in an entirely new and dramatic way,’ Chris Sabick, research director at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, said in a statement. 

In pictures: The secret drawings in the skies and the seas

READ MORE:Canadian pilot flew flight path in the shape of a ‘raised fist’ as tribute to George FloydPilot plots giant flight radar kiwi over WaikatoPilot uses GPS tracker to draw a giant picture of a plane in the sky

‘You kind of sign an invisible contract’: Maya Jama insists she’s unfazed at ex Stormzy rapping about their four-year relationship as it’s expected when dating a musician

As soon as she could, Yasmine flew to London with an insider telling The Sun: ’Yasmine is smitten with Stormzy but they are taking it slow. Lockdown made it a lot harder to see each other but she flew into London as soon as she could.’

David Bowie, Muse and the Klaxons: talents so huge it’s only logical that aliens would want them for research

David Bowie His Spiders were undoubtedly from Mars, but were the rest of his friends as well? According to Paul Trynka’s new Bowie biography Starman, Dave’s on-off squeeze around 1968 was one Lesley Duncan – a songwriter who sang backing vocals on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon – who would invite him to […]