Hate working from home? Here’s how to make it better

Many workers feel pressure to mimic the 9-5 workday at home. But working remotely offers you a little more flexibility with your time. Your employer doesn’t expect you to work eight hours straight every day. Take breaks. You will be a better worker for it.

Three Trainers on How to Reduce Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety When You Return to Work

AA: “Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to resolving separation issues. It’s typically a long haul project, that requires you to be really diligent and patient with the dog. Some require that more than others. I will say that we are seeing a lot of separation issues now for three reasons. One, is because people […]

How We Work Now: Warner Music Artist Services’ VP/Head of Global Retail & Licensing Alix Kram

I think we all feel a little bit tied to our computer screens. But the music industry as a whole is so relationship-based, so trying to pivot that into a virtual world has its upsides and downsides. The upside is I’m seeing people on Zoom and Teams and Video that I would have otherwise just […]

3 ways to improve your time management skills

Quieting internal stimuli (being too hot/cold, distracted with thoughts) Blocking external stimuli (noise, kids, texts, phone calls) Using practiced mental processes (as opposed to those that you are unfamiliar with and require additional mental load or meta-focus to complete) Let me dive into the third practice because it’s the most complicated. You’ll need to train […]

Principality Building Society boss says home working ‘here to stay’

He said: “You can see the roads getting busier. The investment that Transport for Wales is going to be making over the next couple of years on a high quality service will encourage people back and it will make more sense for them to be travelling with us.”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says employees will return to offices when majority are vaccinated

Facebook has said it will let employees work remotely until July 2021 and has cancelled physical events through June that year. Amazon and Microsoft have both said they don’t plan a return to the office until at least January next year, while Google has said it plans to keep employees working from home until at […]

Become a zutor thanks to the Zoom boom which made online teaching one of the fastest-growing markets

Ask about an initial virtual interview. If the position allows remote working, consider asking if a video or phone call is an option. An employer might want to meet in person before offering a job but that can often wait. Check their Covid policies. Ask which guidelines to follow if attending in person. If they […]

WFH turns out to be cost-saving kaam-sutra for gujarat’s firms

About 30 Gujarat-based IT companies explore potential of permanent work from home format as it increases productivity and reduces company costs Covid-19 has changed the workplace dynamics with work-from-home becoming a need of the hour for MNCs from what was earlier a choice. Many local companies in Gujarat too are following in their footsteps in […]

Aftershock: COVID-19’s permanent impact on tech supply chains

Last month, Baker McKenzie’s Petterd co-authored an assessment of how supply chains could resume a path toward something resembling the health and prosperity levels we’ve come to expect. Entitled “Supply Chains Reimagined: Recovery and Renewal in the Asia Pacific and Beyond,” the report advises organizations to incorporate and integrate greater amounts of data into their […]