End of the stopover? Covid-19 could lead to a surge in ‘ultra-long haul’ flights of 14 hours or more which are more efficient and connect low-risk cities around the world

Importantly, these ULH flights provided both airlines and governments alike with the ability to deliver people back to their countries’ of origin and maintain vital global supply lines, all in a safe and direct manner given the operations’ ability to bypass otherwise risky or infected stopover points. 

Don’t listen to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s infuriating installation song, listen to these

If you’re installing Microsoft Flight Simulator, you will find yourself hearing the same short piece of music over and over while it downloads all 91GB. Sure you could just manually mute this in the Windows mixer, but you’d be wrong. Clearly the developers intend to evoke feelings of hours sat in an airport listening to […]

Dutch club urged to decide Vietnamese defender’s future

It has been over a week since Hau’s contract with Heerenveen expired, but the Dutch club hasn’t made a decision on whether to keep him on or not. Previously on July 2, they sent an email to Hanoi FC, Hau’s club in Vietnam, but only to ask the capital club to pay a part of […]

Microsoft Flight Sim streamers dress up for a 16-hour long haul

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Unscheduled transit flights cannot land for specific hours at Delhi airport on Aug 15

Unscheduled transit flights will not be allowed to land at the Delhi airport for four hours in the morning and three hours in the evening on Independence Day, its operator DIAL said Friday.

Buckle up for a six-hour real-time commercial flight in Airplane Mode passenger simulator

Something to look forward to: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is all the rage these days, given how it authentically maps the entire world for pilots to explore. But what about life as a passenger? In case you’ve forgotten due to flight restrictions this year, Hosni Auji’s Airplane Mode will be launching soon to help relive […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s “pre-load” was 90GB too small

It doesn’t matter what version you choose. Steam only installs the 500MB launcher, too, leaving the rest to come from Microsoft. That’s not what I use Steam for, Microsoft. It took Graham four hours to install via Steam, and because the game is running that means he’s two hours past the refund window. He’s going […]

Direct flight service from Kolkata to Chennai resumes

Officials of the Airports Authority of India said that for now, there would be just one direct flight from Kolkata. “There will be many passengers who have been waiting to come for various reasons like treatment or personal emergencies. The flight leaves Kolkata at 9.30 p.m. and arrives here by 11.40 p.m.,” an official said.

UK passengers barred from flights to Greece over confusing Covid forms

Last week Wizz Air offloaded 28 passengers from a flight to Athens, citing inadequately completed forms. Several were denied boarding because they had not included their middle names, even though this is marked optional on the form. The airline has since admitted an error.