‘You are a superhero’: Shark tank investor Robert Herjavec gushes over his dancer wife Kym Johnson, 42, after enduring a 15 hour flight with their 11-month-old twins

‘There are all sorts of heroes – shout out to my amazing wife who is a superhero – flying by herself to Australia for 15 hours with (not even) 1 year old twins!,’ Kym’s husband Robert Herjavec praised his wife for her patience 

Queensland makes the ‘appalling’ decision to only allow ONE of the four kids of a dying dad to cross the border to say goodbye to him – and health authorities say THEY are being selfish

‘I try not to get too caught up in the fact that he works away because that’s entirely our choice, but it is hard knowing that I don’t know when he is going to come back,’ she told the Newcastle Herald.

‘My blood is boiling because of things she’s done’: Sam Armytage wants to ‘have it out’ with Annastacia Palaszczuk over her ridiculous border closure – but the Queensland premier is REFUSING to go on Sunrise

‘And can I compare that to [Labor’s Victorian Premier] Dan Andrews and the Prime Minister, the three of us worked together on a very difficult decision on the Victoria-NSW border, and I’d like to see that applied to all borders.’ 

The suburb where lifestyle is more important than saving lives: Police close Manly Beach after thousands flout social distancing rules AGAIN to enjoy a swim at the Sydney coronavirus hotspot

Australian Prime Minister urged everyone on student or visitor visa to go home  He said ‘Australia must focus on its citizens and its residents’ amid corona crisis Comes after fury at backpackers and hostels for ignoring social distancing Travellers scrambled to find a way home, with some flights cancelled and prices for the remaining tickets […]

Incredible footage shows cars queueing up for kilometres as terrified Queenslanders rush to get coronavirus tests after fears of a deadly second wave

One of the women has cooperated with Queensland authorities in contact tracing since she arrived back in the state, and any person who could have been exposed to the disease has been notified.

Queensland records just ONE new coronavirus case as prison officers are forced into ‘COVID-19 jail bubble’ – and told to go NOWHERE except home and work

The prime minster believes that increasing movement between states is essential to save the nation’s dying tourism industry, which employs one million workers and is set to lose a staggering $54.6billion this year due to lockdowns and border restrictions.

Sports news feed: Kylian Mbappe tests positive for coronavirus

Michael Schumacher: A Formula One legend turns 50 No angel Schumacher occasionally stepped out of line on the track. In the last race of 1997, he turned into Jacques Villeneuve’s car as the Canadian attempted to overtake him. Damage resulting from the crash forced Schumacher to retire but the four points Villeneuve earned for finishing […]

Scott Morrison faces his toughest test yet in a Friday showdown where he must pull Australia’s power-hungry premiers into line and force them to open the borders before millions of jobs are lost, writes CHARLIE MOORE

Until now Mr Morrison has repeatedly hailed the ‘good faith co-operation’ of the national cabinet – but his opponents deride this as spin by ‘Scotty from marketing’ and say the meetings have achieved little.

Tony Abbott says lockdowns and travel bans should be SCRAPPED while launching a scathing attack on ‘dictator’ Dan Andrews – as experts reveal why Victoria could have less than TEN coronavirus cases a day within a week

‘I obviously hope to see the downward trend hit 60 on Wednesday and 50 the next day and so on. There is potential for it to become a snake like in NSW where it goes up and down from 10 to 20 cases a day so it is complex,’ he told Yahoo News. 

Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez – as it happened

Matthysse vs Garcia: Round eleven Matthysse lands a big straight right hand punch that sends Garcia’s mouthguard flying. Referee stops the fight briefly to retrieve the missing mouthpiece. And now Garcia is looking uneasy and forced to go into the grapple. The referee has another word with Garcia about low blows. How many of those […]