Cut quarantine with coronavirus test BEFORE your flight home: Ministers eye plan that could halve self-isolation time to just five days and boost air travel

In my work I move between lecture halls, laboratories, and to Whitehall and Westminster. I have never shown any Covid-19 symptoms, but because of the nature of my work, I am tested three times a week. Regular testing needs to become the norm for most of the population – and I have no doubt it […]

Covid passenger on Ryanair flight ‘had no symptoms’ & plane was about to TAKE-OFF when ‘he received positive test text’

“If you are getting a test because you have symptoms, you and anyone you live with must stay at home until you get your result. Anyone in your support bubble must also stay at home,” their advice reads.

Furious British Airways passengers say they are being ‘refused cash refunds’ for flights cancelled by Covid as Willie Walsh pockets £833,000 bonus after stepping down as IAG boss

In a statement, it added: ‘The board will continue to engage with shareholders to fully understand their concerns (as part of wider engagement in relation to the renewal of our directors’ remuneration policy in 2021) and will publish, in accordance with the UK Corporate Governance Code, an update on this engagement within six months of […]

British Airways’ caterer axes over 2,000 staff – leaving just 300 workers to make in-flight meals

“But now about 3,000 of them out of a total Heathrow catering workforce of 4,500 are facing the axe as key catering companies refuse to look to the long-term when the aviation and tourism sectors take-off again in the post-pandemic economy.

Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury? Jason Gavern interview on short-notice calls and long-haul flights

Now aged 43 and four-and-a-half years since his most recent fight, a loss to Dave Allen in Sheffield, he says: “I’ve got the itch. I know a lot of up-and-coming heavyweights need someone to fight. I haven’t got a call since my Dave Allen fight, which was the worst of my career. I had a […]

British Airways 747-400 plane spotted taking final flight as airline retires fleet

“It is a heart-breaking decision to have to make. So many people, including many thousands of our colleagues past and present, have spent countless hours on and with these wonderful planes – they have been at the centre of so many memories, including my very first long-haul flight.

Holiday in Cornwall: our insider’s guide to the best beaches, where to stay, cheap eats and the best things to see and do

9. Music and entertainment Best music venues Despite being a world away from the big centres of music such as London and Manchester, Cornwall’s own idiosyncratic music scene has always thrived, whether leading the way for folk music in the 1960s or our own Aphex Twin being responsible for the explosion in electronic dance music […]

Ryanair boss: UK-Spain Covid-19 quarantine is an ‘overreaction’

“They should have, in my view, controlled arrivals back in from Catalonia, or done it on a regional basis, but to do it on a national basis, there is no scientific basis for a national restriction on visitors coming back from Spain to the UK,” O’Leary said.

Heathrow unveils new coronavirus test centre that could cut quarantine time in half – costing £150 per passenger

Dr Hilary backs Covid-19 testing at UK airports to reduce quarantine times but says travellers should pay for it themselves

Woman charged over XR’s printing press blockade is 45-year-old British ‘ISIS Jihadi bride’ who claims she was just a volunteer interpreter in Syria before returning to UK to live on a canal boat while claiming benefits

Originally from Cork, he told the Mail he works as an eco-auditor who helps businesses be more environmentally friendly. He said: ‘We wanted people to wake up on Saturday morning and go to buy their paper and ask, ‘Why isn’t it here?’ They may be angry, but in a few weeks’ time they may start […]