Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the global investment flow is likely to contract by 40% in 2020, but in Vietnam, newly registered capital has risen 6.6% and the number of new FDI projects inched up over 22% during the pandemic, Do Nhat Hoang, head of the ministry’s Foreign Investment Agency (FIA), said while addressing a dialogue […]

Rethinking music, by percussionist Martin Grubinger

Yes, if we interpret the signals correctly. Just one example: Many institutions get public subsidies. And the taxpayer may ask himself sometimes, “These institutions are financed in part from my taxes, but what do I get out of it? Is this institution present in my region? Is it interested in what I am doing? Do […]

From botox to nose jobs and the truth about THOSE famous derrieres: How the Kardashians had everyone keeping up with their changing appearances

The camera kept rolling in 2018 when she had surgery to reduce the size of her earlobes. In her bid to hone her earlobes, Kris embarked on a quick-fix procedure that takes just 30 minutes. It was performed by plastic surgeon Jason Diamond and saw him cut triangular chunks out of each earlobe in order […]

US and Taliban sign deal aimed at ending war in Afghanistan

It’s not clear what will become of gains made in women’s rights since the toppling of the Taliban, which had repressed women and girls under a strict brand of Sharia law. Women’s rights in Afghanistan had been a top concern of both the Bush and Obama administration, but it remains a deeply conservative country, with […]

Victor Davis Hanson: Turkey vs. Greece – here’s why this centuries-old rivalry matters now

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