‘I just love sex. I once counted the number of partners I’d had… don’t even ask!’: It’s the memoir of the year – now read JAN MOIR’s interview with BARBARA AMIEL that’s so frank and funny you’ll never look at whipped cream the same way again

What has she learnt from this terrible parable of excess and hubris? That she does not miss the material things, especially not the couture. ‘It was always a pain in the neck. I did it for the sheer, shallow reason of keeping up with the Joneses. I don’t even want to get dressed up any […]

CBN tackles NESG, explains how it protected economy from extra-ordinary shocks

“The balance sheet of the US Federal Reserve in support of these activities increased by over $3 trillion, while the European Central Bank expanded its balance sheet by over $1 trillion. Furthermore, the Bank of England in an unusual move gave an open check to the UK Government in order to fund its recovery efforts. […]

CBN tackles NESG, explains how it protected economy from ‘extra-ordinary shock’

Loans given to the private sector, have risen by over 21 per cent over the past year. iii. Creation of NGN 50 billion target credit facility for affected households and small and medium enterprises through the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank; iv. Creation of a N100 billion intervention fund in loans to pharmaceutical companies and healthcare practitioners […]

It’s time for thanksgiving

For more than 300 days, you have slept and woken up peacefully.  No one used oxygen to get you out of bed.  Within this period, you never had cause to beg your neighbour for food.   You were not bed ridden. Even when you were ill, you went to the hospital and God healed you.

I was a witness to Stephen Lawrence’s murder… and it still haunts me: She was a young French au pair at the same bus stop when the 18-year-old was attacked. Now she reveals the horror she saw that night

She tells the Mail’s podcast series: ‘These guys have always haunted me. Because I suspected they could be the attackers. Especially one, whose face scared me. And the feeling I had from this man was very, very different from Stephen and Duwayne. He came on the bus, and my eyes met his eyes, and I […]

Love Island’s Alexandra Cane reveals she was hospitalised and battled suicidal thoughts after struggle with alcohol

“I used to go to sleep thinking of death every night, my anxiety got so bad I ended up in hospital, I was super reactive to every situation, I would project onto others because I was unhappy and had no purpose.”

“Digital shoebox” of memories helps dementia sufferers remember

“We had an elderly gentleman who came in for the blind testing with his mum. They were looking at this old photo, and she suddenly grabbed him by the arm and said ‘look Ian, it’s photo of a place I used to play when I was a little girl’. I was so engrossed in the […]

Impact of the pandemic on senior citizens

BY SONALI GUPTA A 68-year-old over a phone session tells me: “Getting older comes with its own challenges. Now the pandemic has made it harder. On most days I feel hopeless, sad and even angry because I feel all my freedom has been taken away from me. I miss seeing my friends who I would […]

J.K. Rowling reacts to critics over transgender comments; says she’s a domestic abuse, sexual assault survivor

“I managed to escape my first violent marriage with some difficulty,” she alleged, before stating: “But I’m now married to a truly good and principled man, safe and secure in ways I never in a million years expected to be. However, the scars left by violence and sexual assault don’t disappear, no matter how loved […]