The Conservative Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg | Opinion

With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we have lost one of our nation’s greatest legal minds. While she obviously was much beloved on the political left, we should not forget key aspects of her legacy that also resonated powerfully on the other side of the aisle, including her commitment to meritocracy, family, incremental change […]

PS5 size comparison: is the PlayStation 5 too big?

I have no problem with the size of the #PS5 in fact it kinda makes me feel good about cooling. The more space that’s available for air circulation the BETTER IMO. My PS4 pro gets damn warm but has NEVER overheated, I think Sony solved the heating dillema by making the #PS5 huge✌️October 27, 2020

Everything we know about The Elder Scrolls 6, from Xbox exclusivity, game engine, and more

Elder Scrolls 6 news is sparse, but theories sure aren’tWe’ve got a glimpse of a few new details about Elder Scrolls 6, straight from Todd Howard himself. During an interview with IGN Howard fleshed out a tiny bit on what fans can expect from the game, saying that “I think when they eventually see the […]

ART IS ACTIVISM: Student-artist on online perception, authenticity and healing, plus a Q&A

“I feel like I’ve always existed on social media,” Etyana said. Like many of us, Etyana described her relationship with social media as something that she is still trying to figure out. She noticed that as she has gotten older, it was as if “all of a sudden real life blended with online. And then […]

Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya nominates Jaan Kumar Sanu on grounds of ‘nepotism’

Jaan too can be heard saying that he is proud to be legendary singer Kumar Sanu’s son and that he is sorry because Rahul is not. Rahul even replies that he does not need his father to be famous to be something in life. Untitled Carousel Shardul Pandit: Bigg Boss 14 came as a brilliant […]

Xbox Series X price and bundles: the latest updates on stock

Frankly, it’s about time we got some hard numbers. That November release date is fast-approaching, so the fact that we didn’t have an Xbox Series X price was starting to worry us. Now we can put those anxieties to bed at long last – especially because it’s not nearly as expensive as we’d feared. This […]

Frank Rich: Should the First Presidential Debate Also Be the Last?

The bipartisan consensus that emerged overnight was that there was no winner, and that America was the loser. The latter judgment is true, for once again an American president had soiled a political norm and once again he had provided propaganda fodder for all American foes eager to portray the United States as a corrupt […]

Back to Baghdad: Life in the City of Doom

As I sat over my vodka on my last night in Iraq, looking back at my service there and considering what I’d seen and what I’d heard, especially from Iraqis themselves, I realized it didn’t matter what we’d intended. What mattered was what we’d done. We’d invaded a sovereign nation on a pretense, fucked up […]

Stars defend Adele against cultural appropriation claims after singer shares photo in Bantu knots

Responding to reports about the backlash, Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy wrote on Twitter: “Poppycock! This humbug totally misses the spirit of Notting Hill Carnival and the tradition of ‘dress up’ or ‘masquerade’ Adele was born and raised in Tottenham she gets it more than most. Thank you Adele. Forget the Haters.”

Full Interview: Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh is Liberation War for Azerbaijan, President Aliyev Says

Soros is not just an individual, he is a concept. I in no way rule out that such instruments were used back then to disintegrate the great nation. Just explode it from the inside, sow discord, play off the people, and disintegrate the country. And, by the way, it has happened. Therefore, I’d just like […]