Who Opened the Package? Fox News Host Demands Answers as UPS Finds Lost Docs ‘Damaging’ to Bidens

“They rarely lose anything, that’s why we use them in the first place. And yet they lost our Biden documents. How? UPS won’t tell us how. We spent a lot of Thursday talking to executives there”, Tucker went on to say, referring to the service’s claims that “the flash drive was found on Monday night […]

CNN Anchor Says Fox News, GOP Are ‘Q-Anon-ing’ Election with ‘Disgusting’ Hunter Biden Claims

The Post article carried a photo of one email that the newspaper alleges shows a member of the board of Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, thanking Hunter Biden for arranging a meeting with his father. The Biden campaign has said that a review of the former vice president’s schedule at the time shows no such meeting […]

Fox Host Calls Klobuchar and Harris ‘Mean Girls’ Who Are ‘Jealous’ of ACB

Gutfeld, meanwhile, would continue his mini-monologue by claiming Barrett has the “perfect you-guys-are-so-silly-face,” noting that it is “pretty impressive” and appears she is “playing chess” while the Democrats are “playing Kerplunk.”

Fox News Host Ponders ‘Preemptive Impeachment’ for Biden ‘in Case He Wins’

“The impeachment kept people from thinking or investigating COVID, so I guess you got to go back to that origin story,” Gutfeld grumbled before turning to co-host Jesse Watters. “Jesse, it didn’t matter if the dossier was legal, what happened in the dossier was legal or illegal, it was about being compromised, so now the […]

Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld: Trump ‘Put Himself on the Line’ and Got COVID ‘For Us’

The Fox News analyst additionally pointed out that, despite Gutfeld’s repeated insistence that the president has exhibited strong leadership on the virus, Trump repeatedly flouted basic public-health-guidelines and repeatedly mocked the use of face masks as a preventative measure for COVID-19, including directly taunting his Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden on the debate stage this […]

Laurence Fox boycotting Sainsbury’s over supermarket’s support of Black History Month

One asked him: “I agree with loads of what you say, so this is not a criticism, but I can’t understand why this is promoting racial segregation. Are companies not allowed to celebrate sections of their workforce? I may be missing something here.. someone enlighten me!”

Laurence Fox sued by Stonewall gay rights charity boss over Sainsbury’s racism row

The row was sparked when Fox accused Sainsbury’s of promoting ‘racial segregation and discrimination’ when the supermarket giant announced to its 570,000 Twitter followers that it had launched online support groups for black colleagues in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as running mentoring circles and awareness days within its network.

Laurence Fox warned by charity not to use their name for ‘free speech’ party

A spokesman for the Reclaim party project said: “We are aware of the charity’s view. While pointing out the obvious fact that no party name has actually been registered, lawyers are looking at their recent contention.”

Fox Wouldn’t Allow This

For all of the diehard Mindy Project fans out there, one of the most puzzling aspects of its narrative evolution — especially from Fox to Hulu after three years — has been the distinct character changes that affected Ed Weeks’ portrayal of Jeremy. You see, Jeremy started out as a “man’s man” or lothario type […]

Tucker Carlson’s Claim of Missing Hunter Biden Documents Sparks Flurry of Jokes at Fox News Host

“Quick! Somebody call @USPS,” tweeted Pulitzer Prize winner Laurie Garrett. “Postmaster General Louis DeJoy! ‘Hello?’ ‘Postmaster DeJoy, damning documents for @TuckerCarlson have disappeared in the mail. Do something!’ ‘Sorry, I ordered all of the sorting machines destroyed. Cannot comply.’”