Fox News Anchor Confronts Surgeon General Over Trump Declining to Issue National Lockdown: ‘Coronavirus Doesn’t Recognize States’ Rights’

Wallace interviewed Adams on his weekly show Fox News Sunday, pointing out that even Dr. Anthony Fauci–the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who is a key figure of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force–has expressed support for a national lockdown. But Trump has insisted that governors should decide whether or not to […]

The Trump-Fox News feedback loop now going after Andrew Cuomo and Dr. Anthony Fauci

But now Carlson appears to either be trying to make Dr. Anthony Fauci a scapegoat for our economic downturn — thus giving Trump political cover — or persuade Trump to ignore the advice of this world-renowned doctor. On his show Friday, Carlson attacked Fauci’s call to shut down America for long periods to stop the […]

Here Are the Polls Fox News Will Use to Select the Candidates for the First GOP Debate

According to a source with direct knowledge of the plans, Fox’s team of election analysts is currently crunching numbers to set the field. “It’s going to be the most recent polls by nonpublic entities,” the network source explained. “They need to be done with live interviewers, as opposed to internet responses like what Rasmussen does.” […]

Donald Trump’s Newest Enemy: Fox News

The audience howled and hissed. Trump glared back like he was negotiating a thorny contract dispute. Whether Ailes scripted this or not, it was a triumph. While Trump may see politics as a negotiation, Ailes surely knew that the thousands of Republicans packed into the stands do not. So far, Trump has succeeded by presenting […]

Doctor Scolds Fox News: It’s ‘Irresponsible’ to Promote Unproven Coronavirus Drug

Amid Fox News’ round-the-clock promotion of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a potential coronavirus cure, renowned biologist Dr. William Haseltine told Fox News host Dana Perino on Monday that it was “irresponsible” to tout the unproven drug and called claims of its miraculous healing powers “complete and utter nonsense.”

Fox News, Murdoch Sued Over ‘False, Erroneous and Incomplete’ Information on COVID-19

While no new litigation has been announced against Fox News and other defendants named in WASHLITE’s suit, the Daily Beast reported Thursday that Murdoch and his oldest son Lachlan, who serves as co-chairman of 21st Century Fox, were prepared to fight any case that came their way and not settle out of court. “She was […]

Fox Earnings Exceed Estimates Though Film Revenue Falls

On the conference call with analysts Wednesday, Carey acknowledged having gone through some “challenging” quarters for the film studio, but the popularity of Rio 2 is one indication it has “turned the tide.” He also expressed confidence in The Fault in Our Stars, opening June 6, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (July 11) and […]

Ko and the women get their shot at Olympic golf

This is the second time in three years that the women have played on the same course a week after the men. The U.S. Open staged the men and women at Pinehurst No. 2 in 2014, and the USGA pulled it off exceptionally well. The course played shorter, but the women still were hitting roughly […]

Val Kilmer admits his break-up from Daryl Hannah ‘was by far the most painful of all’

Kilmer’s speech has been impacted by cancer. However, he’s keeping busy by doing voice exercises every day. He’s also been touring with his one-man show about Mark Twain and this summer he will reprise his role in the Top Gun sequel Maverick. The film’s release date has just been delayed to December 23 as a […]

2018 Domestic Box Office Postmortem: What Went Right & Wrong For The Majors In A Record $11.9B+ Year

No. 6 – Paramount ($757M, +42% from 2017) What went right: Although the studio was still in transition from the previous administration, one could see the hand of CEO Jim Gianopulos and his marketing, distribution teams already winning here, taking staple series Mission: Impossible to a series high with Fallout making $220.1M domestic, $791M WW. Through six movies, the […]