France’s Orange to bid for outstanding shares in Belgian business

PARIS: French telecoms group Orange said on Wednesday it was planning a bid for the shares it does not already own in Orange Belgium, in an offer worth around 620 million euros ($751 million), as it uses up funds recouped from a tax dispute.Orange also said in a separate statement that its board was considering […]

2020 one of three hottest years ever recorded: UN

A boy cools off at a water fountain in Montpellier, southern France, on June 27, 2019 during a heat wave. Photo: AFP The heat in northern Siberia reached 38 C at Verkhoyansk on June 20, provisionally the highest known temperature anywhere north of the Arctic Circle.

COVID-19 crisis pushes jobless into survival mode

“The only way out is for someone or some institution to help me systematically because the government only gave me 3,000 pesos (less than $150) over the past 100 days which is not enough.”

The US government grounded DJI — but here are the five drones it just approved

The general idea is that every echelon of the US Army might have a different kind of drone it can use — including “soldier-borne sensors” like the pocket-sized FLIR Black Hornet for each squad, a “short range reconnaissance” drone for every platoon, and fixed-wing (think airplane, not quadcopter) Raven and Puma drones at the company […]