What a big Boris win – or a hung parliament – means for markets

On top of that, stock markets are complicated beasts. The FTSE 100 is packed with global businesses earning most of their revenue overseas. By contrast the FTSE 250 is made up of smaller companies with a larger share of earnings made at home – making them more sensitive to the UK economy.

Fauci warns COVID-19 vaccine may be only partially effective, public health measures still needed

An approved coronavirus vaccine could end up being effective only 50-60% of the time, meaning public health measures will still be needed to keep the pandemic under control, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious diseases expert, said on Friday. 

How one man in Kochi is putting some of the city’s vacant plots to use by farming vegetables, organically

Anthony’s arrangement with the owners is straightforward — they can pick any quantity of vegetables from the farms. “I cannot pay rent now since I don’t make much from the plots. It will take a cycle of three harvests — nine months — for the soil to change and for the returns to come in. […]

Prakash Jha on Pareeksha’s portrayal of class divide: ‘It eventually boils down to whether you have the money or not’

Talking about his new project starring Adil Hussain, Priyanka Bose, Shubham and Sanjay Suri, the filmmaker said, “No matter where I set the story in India, caste is a factor that will certainly have a role. But when the question is of education, it eventually boils down to who has the money. The divide is […]

Biden gaffes ignored by MSNBC’s primetime shows for 3 straight nights

MSNBC completely ignored Biden’s “diversity” remarks until Friday morning, which was after Biden “clarified” his remarks on Twitter. Meanwhile, CNN addressed it only once on Thursday and that was when anchor John King appeared to defend the Democratic candidate from attacks he had received from President Trump.

Virus aid talks collapse; no help expected for jobless now

Often an impasse in Washington is of little consequence for the public — not so this time. It means longer and perhaps permanent expiration of a $600 per-week bonus pandemic jobless benefit that’s kept millions of people from falling into poverty. It denies more than $100 billion to help schools reopen this fall. It blocks […]

Model Yolanda Hadid Denies Ghislaine Maxwell Hid Out At Her Home

❤️ Happy birthday my love, my precious angel….. Yesterday 25 years ago was the best day of my life, giving birth to you and raising you has taught me the true meaning of commitment and unconditional love…. Thank you for being such a extraordinary blessing in my life, I am so proud of the woman […]

Nolte: Now They Want to Cancel Our Pickup Trucks

As that chrome grille closed on me like a man-eating Norelco shaver The paramedics would have had to extract me from the grille with a spray hose, like Randall Jarrell’s ball-turret gunner. [T]he 2500 HD sports an elaborate chromified grille that gleams like a tea service. Could the extra tall hoods and bluff grilles, the […]

AP: As Kanye West Qualifies to Appear on More 2020 Ballots, Will It Hurt Joe Biden?

But African Americans tend not to vote for candidates solely because they are Black, while West’s status with Americans age 18 to 29 is actually more unfavorable than favorable, Jackson said. That means Republicans working to ensure he competes with Biden may not be able to peel many of their target voters away from the […]

Internal Emails Shed Light on Big Tech’s Abusive Business Practices

Huber, the SVP of geo and commerce at the time, wrote in a 2005 email, “I think we should talk to them, if nothing else to make it more expensive for Yahoo. They’ll also eventually need a monetization/ads model, so we should use ours instead of anything from Yahoo (if they don’t go acquisition soon, […]