review: A perfect amount of cheap, stupid fun with online friends

It’s dangerous to Fall alone When you party with up to three other friends, you’ll matchmake into the same 60-strong session, and everyone in your party will be marked by a small icon. That means you can either leave them alone or inflict friendly hazing. Once anyone in the party is knocked out of a […]

Marvel vs Capcom Arcade1Up Cabinet Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Announced earlier this year, Arcade1Up’s Marvel vs Capcom is now available to pre-order. The Marvel vs Capcom cabinet is $500 at Best Buy with a release date of October 1. All Arcade1Up cabinets enjoy free shipping with Best Buy, and you can get it as early as its release day, October 1. Of course, due […]

How a pandemic pushed social media influencers to evolve

Instagram lives became so popular that the social networking service enabled them to be saved as IGTV videos this April. Between March 18 and 24, there was a 60% increase in its live views in India (compared to the previous seven days), says Saket Jha Saurabh, Head, Entertainment Partnerships, Facebook – India, which owns Instagram.Meanwhile, […]

US proposes a five-part “Clean Network” plan that could lead to a “splinternet”

Why it matters: Amid increasing trade tensions between China and the US, the Trump administration is looking to step up its efforts to drive Chinese tech companies out of everything from telecom infrastructure to consumer-facing apps and services. It’s not clear how these plans will materialize, but if they do, they could lead to the […]