Boeing 787s need to be turned off and on again every 51 days to prevent ‘potentially catastrophic failure’ due to a glitch that results in pilots being fed FALSE data on airspeed and altitude

Dickson told reporters that the FAA is working closely with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and other regulators to tackle the 737 MAX issues so that the aircraft can get off the ground soon.

Jet Airways vows to cut costs, sell stake in loyalty program

by Anurag Kotoky Troubled carrier Jet Airways India Ltd. said it will sell a stake in its loyalty program and cut as much as 20 billion rupees ($285 million) in costs over the next two years as part of a turnaround plan after years of losses in a competitive aviation market. Announcing the biggest quarterly […]

Budget hotel chain FabHotels eyeing 30% revenue growth through loyalty program

MUMBAI: Budget hotels chain Fab Hotels is eyeing a revenue growth of 30% as it launches a loyalty program to increase its base of regular customers. The company wants to capitalise on the growing volume of millennials that make up a significant portion of the workforce today and travel regularly for business and reward loyal […]

San Diego Zoo Academy Offers Free Classes

San Diego Zoo, Safari Park Extend Coronavirus Closure DatesSan Diego Zoo Launches Free Online Education Program: CoronavirusFace Coverings Urged As Coronavirus Cases Rise In San DiegoSan Diego Authorities To Crack Down On Stay-At-Home ViolatorsListen To Stay-Home, Social-Distance Mandates: San Diego County SheriffSupervisors Put Moratorium On Evictions For Residents, Small BusinessesCalifornia Coronavirus Latest: Updates On Cases, […]

City to set up 62 booths for COVID-19 prevention and control

Phong said that staff at the booths will provide clear information about preventive measures against COVID-19 and social distancing. Relevant agencies and local authorities will fine anyone who does not wear a mask in public and who takes part in gatherings of more than two people. Authorities will also strengthen the use of IT surveillance […]

Coronavirus app Aarogya Setu becomes the the top free app within 3 days

The Aarogya Setu app launched by the government of India has crossed 80 lakh downloads within three days. It has crossed the Zoom video meeting app to be the most popular free app for both Android phones and iPhones. The Aarogya Setu app enables people to self-assess the risk of getting coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The […]

How broke college grads made animation software used in Jurassic Park and Iron Man

“We were just trying to keep the company alive — we were just trying to survive,” Simons said. “I consider myself very lucky that we were at the right time and right place. We had great people working on it, but a lot of things had to come together for it to become the success […]

How to Write an Apple II BASIC Program in Your Web Browser

The Apple II was a stunning breakout success for Apple. Over the course of its approximate 16-year lifespan (it was discontinued in 1993), the Apple II platform hosted seven versions of Wozniak’s original computer design. A typical Apple II computer came equipped with 48 or 64 KB of RAM, and a 1.022 MHz 6502 CPU. […]

The best bike locks for theft prevention

Kryptonite’s KryptoFlex Looped Bike Security Cable Best cable lock Need to lock multiple bicycles? Kryptonite’s KryptoFlex Looped Bike Security Cable is ideal for securing two or more bikes, scooters, or motorcycles when used along with a Kryptonite lock. This three-eighths-inch thick, braided steel cable offers cut resistance and a double looped style that you can […]

WrestleMania 36 live stream: watch the WWE pay-per-view online for free tonight

Pay-per-view providers like Dish and Xfinity are also showing WrestleMania 36 on TV, but pricing is set at $59.99-69.99 – a big chunk of your toilet paper stockpile budget. And if you’re after more than just ridiculous costumes and trash talk, don’t forget that Disney Plus is currently offering a FREE 7-day trial and boasts […]