Free childcare for ALL workers: Everything you need to know about the government’s $1.6BILLION subsidy to help families through coronavirus including how you get it, who is eligible and when it begins

‘What we want to do by doing this is ensure that your childcare centre will remain open, so that you know where you normally take your child to get cared, that that will be there for you, so you are not looking to have to go to a new centre,’ he said.

Phoenix NBL guard Kyle Adnam helps basketball fans break isolation boredom with online training program

“Obviously being a big community-based club and being in such a rich area for basketball, we wanted to give back, not just to our loyal supporters, but anyone who wants to get involved and sharpen up their skills, have a bit of physical activity and a bit of fun with the family,” he said.

Best free workout apps on Android and iOS

Nike’s app offers a number of short workouts with instructions for a self-paced workout. It also pairs seamlessly with the Apple Watch, adding another level of functionality if you are using an iPhone. Like most services these days, you won’t be surprised to learn that the Nike Training Club app offers paid premium content, like […]

ITV will pause its programming for Clap for our Carers as the nation prepares to thank key health care workers for a second week

We are distributing funds to over 140 NHS charities who are the legal way that the NHS receives, holds and spends charitable funds. These funds are above and beyond the funds that the government has provided and together we help provide the very best care for NHS patients.’ 

Coronavirus: LinkedIn offers free job postings to support hiring for critical roles

Professional networking site LinkedIn is offering free job postings to accelerate hiring for critical roles needed to fight coronavirus. It will also promote urgent jobs and hire resources from industries in critical need. These include sectors like healthcare, supermarket, warehouses, freight delivery and non-profit organisations working for disaster relief. All these services are live on […]

Amazon Music Unlimited is free for three months with this one-day deal

You probably already have some kind of Amazon Echo device in your home, be it the Echo Dot, Echo Input, or even the full-sized Echo, and while chatting with Alexa is fun and all, if you don’t have an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, you’re seriously missing out on one of the best features the devices […]

The best free homeschooling resources 2020

Learning at home doesn’t have to be all about staying in front of a screen; The Artful Parent is a site packed with fun craft ideas to get your kids thinking creatively. Many of them are well suited to younger children, and are fantastic if your little ones are starting to get bored or anxious.

The best free PDF reader 2020

The downside to this small size is that Slim PDF is pretty basic. You can search and rotate documents, but that’s about it. There are no tools for signing, filling, commenting, or highlighting, let alone multiple reading modes. While there is a menu option to convert a PDF to a Word document, doing this requires […]

Latest Stratford Coronavirus Updates

Stratford police will be actively patrolling and enforcing an order issued Thursday by the governor prohibiting groups from congregating in numbers larger than five, according to a news release from the mayor’s office. The order is intended as a precaution against the new coronavirus, which has rapidly spread across Connecticut.

A List of Essential Workers That We Should Thank and Support During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Private and Public Healthcare Essential Workers Critical clinical workers who perform research, development and testing required for the COVID-19 response Healthcare providers and caregivers, including: Physicians Dentists Psychologists Mid-level practitioners, nurses and assistants Infection control and quality assurance personnel Pharmacists Physical and occupational therapists and assistants Social workers Optometrists Speech pathologists Chiropractors Diagnostic and therapeutic […]