The best free trials to keep you entertained right now

The music streaming service Tidal has paired up with to offer scientifically curated playlists for sleep, relaxation, and focus during a 30-day trial. Expect content like recordings of rain and nature sounds, as well as relaxing classical and jazz compositions.

Working from home? Stay connected using Microsoft Teams, for free

The Microsoft 365 Admin Center is where you manage user accounts and licenses as well as general Office 365 settings.The Microsoft Teams Admin Center is where you configure global Teams settings and view the status of the service and your installation.In both locations, you need to sign in with your Office 365 administrative credentials. If […]

Amazon will stream the SXSW Film Festival movies for free

Some filmmakers may not choose to opt in because of distribution conflicts. But the good news for potential viewers is that Amazon is putting the streaming event outside its Amazon Prime paywall, meaning you don’t even have to have Amazon Prime to view the films for free—just an Amazon account.

HBO is giving away 500 hours of free streaming content, including The Sopranos and The Wire

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Coronavirus updates: Fremont opening free COVID-19 testing center

What you need to know about Bay Area shelter in place orders due to coronavirus? How ‘flatten the curve’ works in the coronavirus pandemic How a mild case of the novel coronavirus can quickly turn deadly Study shows how easily coronavirus can potentially spread The two most common symptoms in coronavirus patients Does smoking/vaping put […]

Oklahoma pizzeria owner on small business loan program: It’s a ‘band-aid’ but it won’t last long

Oklahoma pizzeria owner Mike Bausch called the federal relief for small businesses to deal with the economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic a temporary “band-aid that will fix what we have going on right now,” adding that “if it continues, we are going to need more from the states.”

Coronavirus List: Restaurants Offer Free Delivery, No-Contact Delivery Options

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As restaurants and bars in Maryland and across the country are being forced to eliminate in-person dining or close their doors altogether due to the coronavirus, a number of delivery services and larger restaurants are shifting their focus to online ordering. From free delivery to having food delivered without interacting with another […]

Free Slurpees At Germantown Area 7-Eleven Stores

After July 11, more free Slurpees will be available for members of the 7Rewards program. Members who scan their app/card or input their phone number to redeem a free Slurpee Thursday will receive a coupon Friday through the app for a second free Slurpee of any size, good for 30 days.

Lyft is offering free e-scooter trips to health care workers fighting COVID-19

Previously, the ride-hailing company said it would provide free and discounted bike-share passes to essential workers in half a dozen cities. Free or cheap bike and scooter trips are especially useful as public transportation ridership continues to plummet in most cities and ride-sharing is not seen as a safe alternative. In fact, there has been […]

Facebook provides free Messenger tools to govts, healthcare agencies to combat coronavirus

Facebook said that its developers will work without any additional charges to help with things like automating responses to commonly asked questions and show these organizations how to share updates with their audience in the most effective manner. They will also teach these organisations how to seamlessly transition from automated conversations to chatting with a […]