Is software now everybody’s job? The implications of low-code and no-code for developers

Some industry experts argue that the time has come for business users to be able to steer their own destinies when it comes to application development. That’s the message conveyed at a recent conference focused on this very topic, sponsored and hosted by Ninox. (I was a participant and moderator at the event.) The Covid-19 crisis […]

The best NES emulators for Android and PC

Nostalgia.NES (Android) For mobile users, look no further than Nostalgia.NES. This Android-based emulator was designed using FCEUX, so it’s essentially a portable version of that tried and true emulator. Nostalgia.NES has a clean interface for touchscreen controls, but it also has a really cool feature that allows for up to four players to game wirelessly […]

Programming languages: C++ jumps in popularity as Java falls away

Tiobe’s index is based on programming-related search queries on 25 search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Bing. It’s not a perfect system, but it is meant to reflect changes in a language’s popularity as measured by the topics developers new and old are searching for. It’s also meant to serve as an indicator for […]

If you could only play console games, which console would you choose?

Wes Fenlon: Taking a slightly different approach to this question—if I could only play games from one specific console, I think I’d go with the PlayStation 2. Its library was just immense, full of games from Japanese developers across a wide range of budgets and styles, and because it was the dominant console of the generation, […]