Say hello to THE sustainable beauty launch of 2021 – self tan just got a whole lot cleaner!

There are so many must-haves in the range – like the Dark Foaming Water (£15.99) and the Pure Self Tanning Face Mist (£14.99) that can be spritzed straight onto your face and neck – but our hero product has to be the Self Tanning Sleep Mask (£14.99). 

Puerto Rico Votes to Be Admitted as 51st US State in Statehood Referendum, Reports Say

Puerto Ricans are US citizens but they cannot vote in the US presidential elections. The oldest colony in the world is exempt from the US federal income tax, but it gets less federal funding than US states, which has been raising concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic.

‘It’s over, let’s move on’: Republican senators blast Trump’s second impeachment as ‘dead on arrival’ – after 45 of them effectively signaled ex-president will be acquitted by voting the trial ‘unconstitutional’

‘Here ye! Here ye! Here ye! All persons are commanded to keep silence on pain of imprisonment while the House of Representatives is exhibiting to the Senate of the Unites States an Article of Impeachment against Donald John Trump, former President of the United States,’ the clerk of the Senate reminded the lawmakers. 

Almost all Republicans vote to dismiss Trump impeachment trial, suggesting conviction is unlikely

“I think it is pretty obvious from the vote today that is extraordinarily unlikely that the president will be convicted,” said Senator Susan Collins of Maine, one of the five Senators who voted against the motion to declare the trial unconstitutional. Mr. Trump is being tried on charges of inciting an insurrection for his alleged […]

McCaul urges senators to block vote on Commerce secretary over Huawei concerns

White House press secretary Jen PsakiJen PsakiOvernight Health Care: Biden takes steps to boost number of vaccine doses sent to states | CDC researchers find ‘little evidence’ of major school outbreaks, with precautions | Eli Lilly says antibody combo significantly cuts COVID-19 death risk Biden takes steps to boost number of vaccine doses sent to […]

In Wyoming, Cheney faces blowback for vote to impeach Trump

Cheney’s fate at home and in Washington will be one indicator of whether GOP traditionalists or Trump-aligned activists determine the direction of the party. Her troubles have already served as a warning for Republicans in the Senate, most of whom signaled Tuesday they would vote to acquit Trump on the charge of inciting an insurrection. […]

Dominion Voting Systems sues Rudy Giuliani over false election claims

The threats from Dominion have prompted some conciliatory responses from conservative news outlets hoping to avoid a legal battle. This month, the American Thinker, a conservative website, posted an apologetic note saying that its reports about Dominion “are completely false and have no basis in fact” and that “it was wrong for us to publish […]

Farage: ‘Nasty, Vindictive’ EU Threats on Vaccines Shows UK Was Right to Vote Leave

He said that in order to cover up “their own incompetence”, the bloc was willing to “punish” the United Kingdom. He added that Brussels is “scared” that the message Brexit Britain’s handling of vaccinations will send to other EU member states is that the bloc has failed to look after its people, caring only to […]

The world is ‘remembering to forget’ the Holocaust’s tough lessons

On this Jan. 27, just a week after President Biden was sworn into office, we urge his Justice Department to immediately establish a special FBI unit dedicated to monitoring and disrupting violent anti-Semitism here in America. Shocking FBI statistics from 2019 confirmed that 62 percent of all religion-based hate crimes in the U.S. targeted 2 […]

Holocaust Memorial Day – Harrowing story of Brit mum murdered with her son, 5, at Auschwitz as they fled Nazis

Unaware that his wife and son were now dead, George raised his two children in the flour mill – hidden inside with the help of a Catholic couple, Laurent and Blanche Danguiral.