Stranger Things season 4: release date theories, trailer, Hopper’s return, more

Specifically, it’s to do with one of the marked boxes Eleven finds in Hopper’s stash midway through the second season. As Harbour explains, there are “five boxes, one of which has Brenner’s stuff from Hawkins Lab, one of which says ‘Dad,’ and one of which says ‘Vietnam,’ and one says ‘New York.’ So, there are […]

‘Boris won’t ruin my Christmas!’: Furious English parents threaten to IGNORE Prime Ministers new ‘rule of six’ after Nicola Sturgeon said children under 12 WON’T be included in anti-Covid restrictions in Scotland

Data from the Covid Symptom Tracker app, run by King’s College London, shows there were days in March and April when more than 100,000 cases of coronavirus were estimated to have been caught in the UK. But testing figures were showing fewer than 6,500, meaning that the numbers of cases now cannot be compared like […]

Wonder Woman 1984: new trailer, first look at Cheetah, Diana’s golden suit, and more

Pine himself has revealed he knew Trevor would be back for the sequel as early as when he was shooting the first movie, telling BBC Radio 1: “Patty had told me her idea somewhere in the middle of the first one and… when Patty gets an idea it’s a pretty powerful thing because you can […]

Pippa Middleton’s wedding request which could have made things awkward for Meghan Markle

Scobie and Durand write: “Sitting together in the custom glass marquee that has been erected on the eighteen-acre property should have been a fun night for the couple, but, per Pippa’s request, no couples sat together.”

Recap: Saoirse Ronan Explains How to Pronounce Her Name

In the first two minutes of this sketch, a kid (Luke Null) enters a full classroom and picks on everybody he sees. He hits on a girl (Ronan) and then calls her a lesbian, lights a cigarette and puts it in another student’s hand, steals one classmate’s yarmulke, and throws another kid’s lunch out the […]

‘Devastation Class’: A ‘Star Trek’-esque YA Novel With an Even Crazier Backstory

Devastation Class, out Tuesday, reads like a fresh-faced riff on Star Trek as a group of young cadets commit mutiny in order to save humankind from a villainous extra-terrestrial race called the Kastazi. The teens take turns narrating as the story unfolds, revealing traumatic personal histories and building out the world’s lore along the way.

Why sporting events may have ‘animated’ crowds in the bleachers

Whether you were watching this year’s Coppa Italia or even Major League Baseball, you may have noticed the fans in the stands were unusually animated — pun intended. Yes, 2020 has been the year of CGI fans being the new ticket-holders for sport events you most definitely want to attend in that tight-locked bio-bubble. No […]

The best multiplayer games on PS4

Overwatch While hero shooters have come and gone for the most part, Overwatch stands tall as one of the most successful of its kind. With over 30 distinct characters — known as heroes — to choose from, each match feels distinct, offering tons of ways to play. Want to run around as a tank? No […]

Tom Hanks, Jamie Foxx, Billy Wilder & Gwyneth Paltrow? Cameron Crowe Reflects On His ‘Jerry Maguire’ Journey

DEADLINE: You mentioned Hanks questioned that Jerry’s marriage takes place late in the script. It’s your script and you’re the director, but big stars come with opinions. What changes did Tom Cruise ask for?CROWE: There was only one, very smart note that he had. When Cuba Gooding does his end zone dance after getting up […]

PUBG news: all the latest updates for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Read the full patch notes for update 7.2 on PCIntroducing Season 7: Vikendi returns, along with a ‘new’ weapon and Survivor PassUpdate 7.1 sees the long-awaited return of Vikendi, PUBG’s snow-covered map that was unceremoniously hooked during Season 6. The old Vikendi was generally disliked by players due to its many performance issues and rather […]