Visions for the future: The post-pandemic home

In Bengaluru, a client recently requested a design that would give her and her husband much-needed silence during work hours, and their two children private space after school. Ronanki’s team came up with an elegant solution: a mezzanine floor, between the ground floor and the first, “like a sort of box in an in-between space” […]

Ridley Scott reveals he is rethinking the future of the iconic Alien franchise following Prometheus and Alien: Covenant

Scott’s comments seem to indicate he’s considering moving on from the last two directly connected films, though it’s unclear if he’ll simply drop the mythology angle and go for straight horror or if he’ll come up with a completely new story set in the same universe as the Alien series.

‘Diary Of A Future President’ Creator Ilana Peña Inks Overall Deal With CBS TV Studios

“We first got to know Ilana when she was working on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” said Kate Adler, EVP of Comedy Development, CBS TV Studios. “She is exactly the kind of writer executives dream of: smart, funny, hard-working and inspired. We knew she had a lot to say and couldn’t wait to develop with her. Our suspicions […]

Miley Cyrus dedicates her cover of Maneater to ‘future ex-husband’ as she jokes about not having ‘skeletons’ in her closet

The blond hunk – who hails from the Gold Coast – said that he and the Hannah Montana star ‘get along super well’ and she inspired him to ‘not care so much’ about the pressures that come with fame.

Future and Lil Uzi Vert Drop Two New Singles, ‘Patek’ and ‘Over Your Head’

On July 21, Future and Lil Uzi Vert teased a collaboration in the works that would be ready in ten days. The morning of July 31 came and went with no mixtape or songs, disappointing fans who had hoped to wake up to new tracks under the title Pluto X Baby Pluto. Luckily, the pair […]

The Future of Gaming: Sony unveils PlayStation 5 and PlayStation Digital Edition

Sony has officially revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 along with a ton of new games at “The Future of Gaming” event. The PS5 console features a white and black finish with a futuristic design. The new finish matches the new DualSense controller, which was unveiled earlier this year.

Coronavirus: Germany to draft new law amid rise in working from home

Scandinavia, Netherlands far ahead Labor Ministry State Secretary Björn Böhning replied that Germany lacked a “home office” legal framework, which would “provide for health and safety in emergency situations, including how work is organized.”

Robots won’t take away our jobs. They will make work safer and more efficient

There are already a number of applications in which robots and humans work in tandem, with robots assuming the risky, tedious or physically demanding parts of the job while a human co-worker, possibly located remotely, provides critical judgment and guidance. Ford, for example, is pairing a robot with engineers to map its facility and create […]

Nicola Sturgeon urges Scottish people to ‘work from home’ – setting her on major collision course with Boris Johnson’s ‘back to the office’ message AGAIN

‘But I am also acutely aware that if we lose the battle to keep Covid under control then that’s not good for the economy because we end up going back and having to put parts of our economy back into lockdowns.’

Lord Alan Sugar slams ‘complacent’ Britons working from home who are ‘enjoying’ not being back in office as he urges workers to return to their desks ‘to get back to normality’

He said: ’The thing about getting back to work is this, when you’re in the workplace you don’t realise in the course of a day how many questions and answers that go on… You don’t realise the interaction that goes on. Think about the young people also.’