The Vulture Transcript: Whit Stillman on

How did they find you out?Metropolitan. I don’t think Gossip Girl is influenced by Metropolitan. I think the writer of the series took some sort of external elements from Metropolitan, maybe, like a character name, but I think it’s almost the antithesis of Metropolitan.

Tote raises £20m to fund ambitious bet on move into football

More from Business COVID-19: Business rates repayment pot nears £2bn as Lidl signs up COVID-19: Primark reveals £430m lockdown sales hit as it refuses to go online Bank of England told to find out where ‘missing’ £50bn in cash is ‘stashed’ Brexit: Hopes of free trade deal ‘receding’ after talks hit stumbling block Warner Bros […]

Our Truth, Tā Mātou Pono: Monocultural sports coverage has marginalised Māori stars

“It attracts global audiences because it’s the pinnacle of indigenous performance. Yet we don’t celebrate it as sport here. But haka is sport for Māori… and because it attracts people from Australia, it’s like a world cup… It’s the biggest stage for Māori sport that we have, yet there’s very little media coverage.”

Apple’s ludicrous demand in next trial: Samsung must pay $40 per smartphone

Apple wants judicial “facts on the ground”—signposts that it has won victories in the patent war and could keep winning them if it so chooses. It wants to negotiate a deal from the strategic high ground. Actually kicking Samsung phones off the market appears to be a distant-looking dream. Just last week, Koh rejected the […]

Football fans CAN return to live games from December 2 with Premier League stadiums open as rules and tiers change

But allowing just 2,000 fans in Tottenham’s 62,000-capacity stadium might make it more expensive to re-open than to keep the ground shut out until that maximum attendance number is bigger.

Jurors see one final clash in $2 billion

Apple: “Time for you to do justice” Apple’s lead counsel, Harold McElhinny, went first, taking “all of four minutes to invoke the memory of Steve Jobs,” notes an Associated Press brief on the closing. McElhinny called the iPhone “revolutionary,” just as he had in the opening statement, which was laden with glowing press coverage of the first iPhone launched in […]

Xinhua Headlines: Young Tibetan becomes new face of idyllic rural life

In the Tibetan language, “Litang” means “grasslands as flat as a bronze mirror.” Located 4,000 meters above sea level, Litang has also been dubbed “the city in the sky.” With a yearly visitor flow of around 1 million, Litang’s tourism is not as robust as neighboring areas such as Daocheng County, though locals believe its […]

100 burning questions about 2020 NFL season with kickoff just months away

59). Which defensive linemen are poised to improve? There are at least three defensive linemen who can do even better come 2020. Those candidates include the Raiders’ Maxx Crosby, Eagles’ Brandon Graham and Redskins’ Matthew Ioannidis. Crosby racked up nine sacks in his rookie season with the Raiders. He can only go up from here. […]

EPL: Spurs back on top; Arsenal lose

They are now unbeaten in nine league games since an opening-day defeat at home to Everton and have kept three consecutive clean sheets. However, manager Jose Mourinho contines to downplay his side’s chances of finishing above the likes of champions Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.

New on Netflix this week: ‘The Prom’, ‘Torbaaz’ and more

Beanie has always done what’s asked of her — until she decides to run from her very comfortable life and pursue a career in stand-up comedy. As she navigates the demands of everyone from her concerned parents to her proposal-popping boyfriend, this is Beanie’s journey to carve out the life she wants for herself amidst […]