Who Plays Sacha Baron Cohen’s Daughter in

Perhaps because of this conundrum of recognition, figuring significantly into the sequel’s plot is Borat’s daughter, Tutar. A 15-year-old on the cusp of womanhood, she goes from sleeping in a barn in her homeland to hoping to be presented as a gift to “America’s Most Famous Ladies’ Man” Vice-President Mike Pence. The objective is for […]

Videos: Hurricane-Weary US Gulf States to See ‘Life-Threatening’ Conditions From Tropical Storm Beta

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) stated in its most recent update that the storm is located about 45 miles southeast of Port O’Connor, Texas, and that it has reached sustained maximum wind speeds of 45 mph. At present, Tropical Storm Beta is moving at a pace of 7 mph in a west-northwest direction.