VIDEO: Police Fire Tear Gas Into Central Paris Migrant Camp As Riot Rages

Plain-clothes ‘Anti-Crime Brigade’ officers patrol France’s so-called Z.U.S.  ‘sensitive urban zones’ — better known as ‘no go zones’ — in unmarked cars and receive special weapons and vehicle training.

Te Hīkoi Toi: Balancing the witty and the weighty in lockdown year

Reynolds is accomplished in both exploring the language of drawing, and drawing with written language. Here there are witty hashtags – “Doom scrolling”, “Major eye roll” – Thunberg’s heavy call balanced a lighter peppering of social media irony, pricking the surface of things. In “Twenty twenty” texts are punched out like a vocalist’s lyrics over […]

REPORT: Pro-Biden Operatives Gave Native Americans Gift Cards, Jewelry In Exchange For Votes In Nevada

“A shocking number of states have discovered that groups claiming to support the Native American community’s voice at the polls have engaged in blatantly illegal bribery and vote incentivizing with cash cards, gas cards, electronics and other items,” the brief said according to the op-ed. “This scandal appears to have been rampant in Nevada.”

Mike Pence: ‘Stay in the Fight,’ Reelect David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler

Loeffler and Perdue’s reelection plays a pivotal role in keeping the Senate Republican majority. If both Loeffler and Perdue were to lose their January Senate runoff elections, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), the likely next vice president, would become the Senate’s tie-breaking vote.

Halifax house explosion: Three people injured in blast

More from West Yorkshire COVID-19: ‘This treatment gives us some hope’ – Meet the nurse who is the first to receive new ‘antibody cocktail’ Motorist crashes into West Yorkshire house and drives off with front door lodged in windscreen Police apologise for ‘language and tone’ used to describe Yorkshire Ripper victims Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe […]

Defence chiefs plot move to take control of nuclear sub steelmaker

More from Business Brexit: Boris Johnson to hold crisis talks with EC chief after ‘significant divergences’ on key issues COVID-19: Business rates repayment pot nears £2bn as Lidl signs up COVID-19: Primark reveals £430m lockdown sales hit as it refuses to go online ‘A filthy hovel’ – Britannia named worst UK hotel chain eight years […]

Boris hints at tax cuts to help Britain bounce back from the coronavirus crisis

The PM insisted that it’s his “strong hope and belief” that by next summer a combination of the vaccine and mass testing means the country will be returning to their lives and people will be “getting hitched as normal”.

Make trendy changes to your home during lockdown with our top tips

You need to check your local authority ­website’s guidance on this issue but unless the council has passed some sort of by-law making a tyre merely touching the line of a bus lane illegal, you have good grounds to appeal.

18 dead after carbon monoxide leak in China coal mine

READ ALSO: US intelligence chief says China ‘greatest threat to democracy worldwide’ The number of accidents and fatalities has fallen consistently since then, due largely to the closure of small mining operations and falling demand for coal, according to the China Labour Bulletin.

Doctor Who Refused to Wear Mask and Supported ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally is Suspended

Video of his comments were posted on YouTube by the political group Multnomah County Republicans. He told those present that wearing a mask “is a threat to your freedom, a threat to our Constitution. I petition all of you, take off the mask of shame,” erroneously comparing it to a “common cold” virus.