‘Almost 32 weeks!’ Nikki Bella puts bump on display while sharing her excitement ahead of gender reveal

Nikki said in a confessional: ‘Even though I don’t mentally feel like I’m in the right place right now, I want to be a mom one day, I really do.’

Away from school pressures, children who defy gender norms blossom at home

“They gave me a lot of freedom to explore my identity,” said Logan Grover, 19, who just graduated from Avalon. When Logan was coming out as non-binary and pansexual to their parents, Avalon teachers facilitated talks and provided books, to help them understand.

Video contest helping raise awareness about gender-biased sex selection

Funded by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) in Vietnam and the Norwegian Government, the contest is being implemented by the Centre for Studies and Applied Science in Gender – Family – Women and Adolescents (CSAGA) in conjunction with social network Tik Tok. In order to attract the attention of the community, especially young people, to […]

‘I’ve gone for a gender-neutral nursery with safari themes’: Pregnant Ashley James gives a tour of her baby boy’s adorable room

Prepared: Ashley, who is due in January, has already purchased plenty of clothes for her baby as she gave her followers a look at the nursery wardrobe

BAFTA nominee Glenda Jackson says gender equality in the arts is still far away

Speaking during a virtual discussion alongside her fellow Bafta TV award nominees Samantha Morton and Jodie Comer, Jackson said: “When a woman is successful she is deemed to be the exception that proves the rule. If a woman fails then it’s just par for the course.”

Not just for tomboys (and their parents): Kids and gender roles

Davis: You can do what I do, which is lose my temper and say, “We will not reject anything because it is ‘for girls’!” Because how horrible is it when a boy dismisses a color, a toy, an interest, a piece of clothing by saying, “That’s for girls!”? Are hearts and rainbows and sparkles and […]

Video contest helping raise awareness of gender-biased sex selection

Content of the clip should convey a positive message about the role of women and girls in life. Photo for illustration: Soha Funded by the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) in Vietnam and the Norwegian Government, the contest is being implemented by the Center for Studies and Applied Science in Gender – Family – Women and […]

Underestimate a lady hurricane at your peril

In shocking news that should vindicate men’s rights activists everywhere but surprise no one who has ever angered my mother in a supermarket, it has today emerged that female hurricanes are deadlier than their male equivalents. The study has resulted in the researchers at the University of Illinois fielding calls from journalists enquiring as to […]

It’s time to celebrate the fact that there are many ways to be male and female

The new PNAS study investigated this in over 5500 youth from three datasets. Most differences between females and males are small, but this study looked only at the largest differences (for example, worries about weight was the personal attribute showing the largest difference, with about 80% chance of correctly guessing someone’s sex on the basis […]

South Wales police lose landmark facial recognition case

Facial recognition technology maps faces in crowds and compares them to images of people on a watchlist, which can include suspects, missing people and persons of interest to the police. The cameras can scan faces in large crowds in public places such as streets, shopping centres and football crowds.