Watch the first videoconference, which took place 50 years ago today

Six years later, with the 1970 launch of the Picturephone II, AT&T began letting any company install a videoconferencing system at its own premises. At least any company in Pittsburgh, which is where the service debuted. (AT&T had planned to offer it in New York as well, but its network there was insufficiently robust to […]

Mysterious ‘timber circles’ 65 feet in diameter uncovered in Portugal were used as a ceremonial complex some 4,500 years ago

Circular structures dating back 4,500 years have been unearthed in Portugal that were once used for ancient ceremonial services. Called ‘timber circles,’ the Bronze Age monument is 65 feet in diameter and akin to the famous Neolithic Stonehenge

REVEALED: Kodak board member made $116MILLION stock donation to Jewish charity he founded two years ago – on the day the now under-fire company’s shares peaked

None of Kodak’s executives have sold any shares since the deal was announced, and a spokesperson said Continenza did not plan to sell any of his, the WSJ said. 

Donald Trump made campaign donations to Kamala Harris years ago. His campaign says it’s proof he’s not racist.

Harris is the first Black woman, and the first South Asian American, to run on a major party’s presidential ticket. The Trump campaign claimed the president’s donations to her years ago are proof that he is not racist — an allegation Harris herself has leveled at him.

Garda murder: Man convicted of murdering Adrian Donohoe seven years ago

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N.Korea Still Uses Trucks Donated in Thaw 18 Years Ago

Pyongyang Apartment Prices Soar Amid Thaw Pyongyang Becoming Rapidly Westernized Kim Jong-un Opens Glitzy High-Rise Street in Pyongyang Kim Jong-un Rushes Completion of Potemkin Village How Pyongyang’s Elite Live Now Pyongyang Spruces up Subway Pets Become Fashionable in Pyongyang Cab Driving Is Pyongyang’s Most Lucrative Job Pyongyang Booms at the Expense of the Rest of […]

Spectacular penguin with yellow feathers and a bright red bill that waddled on Earth more than three million years ago could be the ‘missing link’ between living seabirds and their ancient relatives

Dr Thomas said: ‘This has been an exciting research collaboration to be part of. It has given us an important new window into the evolution of crown penguins.

Keanu Reeves, 55, started dating Alexandra Grant, 46, ‘earlier this year’ after being friends for a decade… as unearthed pictures of the couple emerge

Long term: Alexandra and Keanu have a history that goes back years, first collaborating together on a grown-up’s picture book, Ode to Happiness, in 2011 before a second book, Shadows in 2016 – pictured at the exhibition opening for the book on Grant’s Instagram 

Astronomers find galaxy similar to Milky Way more than 12 billion light-years away

“The big surprise was to find that this galaxy is actually quite similar to nearby galaxies, contrary to all expectations from the models and previous, less detailed, observations,” said Filippo Fraternali in a statement, study coauthor and professor of gas dynamics and evolution of galaxies at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the University of Groningen […]

Aavas Financiers Q1 net profit up 11% at Rs 50 crore

Ashok Leyland reports Rs 389 crore net loss for June quarter News18-Piplsay Public Sentimeter on China: Over 80% Indians confident of Centre’s handling of COVID-19 & Chinese aggression ABB Power Products and Systems India’s net profit declines 80% to Rs 10.9 crore in June quarter