Say hello to ‘Trolls,’ farewell to ‘Modern Family’ this week

Joe Satriani, “Shapeshifting”: Joe Satriani is releasing his 18th studio album Friday and he’s worked with a wide range of musicians to put the project together. On “Shapeshifting,” the guitar maven has teamed up with Kenny Aronoff (John Fogerty), bassist Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction) and keyboardist Eric Caudieux, who suggested that Satriani invite Lisa Coleman […]

Here are the first minutes of Hello Games’ The Last Campfire

Riffing on puzzles, for most games, is a way to get mileage out of each of the abilities or mechanics available to a player while still giving them new challenges to master. I hope Hello aren’t throwing that convention of puzzle design out the window quite as much as Burgess makes it sound. Perhaps if […]

German, European media highlight Vietnam’s support in COVID-19 fight

Thousands of medical face masks, cloth masks, and protective gloves have been mobilised among overseas Vietnamese in Germany to present to local hospitals, nursing homes, health centres and police stations. Many Vietnamese restaurants in the European country have offered thousands of free meals to doctors and nurses at COVID-19 treatment centres, the embassy added. The […]

Viewers say Belsen death camp documentary proves ‘we’ve got it easy’ amid COVID-19 crisis as an ex-soldier, 96, admits the horrors still ‘haunt him’ and the daughter of a survivor breaks down in tears during her first visit

He said: ‘At Belsen they didn’t line people up… Shoot them and throw them into pits, they didn’t exterminate them in gas chambers as they did in Auschwitz.  At Belsen they were killed by the inhumanity and barbarism of the Nazis.’

Babies as young as eight months understand the basics of grammar – before they can talk, scientists say

Babies can understand the basics of grammar months before they start speaking, scientists have said. Pictured, in the study, infants listened to a four-minute recording of a made-up language in which frequent words — imitating function words — alternated with rarer ones intended to emulate content words

AP PHOTOS: German charity goes home-to-home in virus crisis

Social worker Rebekka Rauchhaus of the Christian charity the Arche, or Ark, pulls a cart as she walks through the district Hellersdorf to deliver food, toys and hygiene products to poor families in the Hellersdorf suburb of Berlin, Germany, Thursday, April 2, 2020. The group that provides help to about 1,300 poor families across Germany […]

German airline Lufthansa scraps large jets and warns air travel rebound will take years as Heathrow slashes staff pay and Tui cancels all beach holidays until May amid coronavirus crisis

‘Obviously that is something I am keen to avoid, although I can confirm that is an option that is legally available to the company to take.’

German scientists create see-through ORGANS in step toward 3D-printed parts that could be transplanted in the human body

Stem cells taken from a patient are plugged into the device and used to generate three sheets composed of proteins including fibrin – which helps to heal wounds, and collagen.

Rita Ora showcases her toned curves in spotty hotpants and a sheer cardigan as she says she’s ‘grateful’ to leave the house for a scenic walk

She further gushed: ‘She is so brave and has been through so much on her own. Yet her generosity to help others just cements what I know what my mother is capable of. I’m so happy the rest of the world has now got to see it too.’

‘Like Fantasy Land’: EU Officials Say UK Won’t Be Able to Make Trade Deal by December – Report

The report comes as an allegedly leaked letter from Germany’s ambassador to the EU, Michael Clauss, to his country’s political leadership indicated that the postponement of the Brexit transition period deadline is unavoidable due to challenges facing the bloc amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus crisis has resulted in the bloc’s inability to carry out […]