Nothing on Earth by Conor O’Callaghan review – a disturbing, elusive debut

Sometimes we are given rational explanations – of the words written on the girl’s skin, of a hellish dinner party where a local woman seems to chant the father’s name over and over again – but they only chill the atmosphere further. The truth the priest is driving towards when he recounts the family’s story – […]

Producer Anna Winger on Making a Diaspora Project With ‘Unorthodox’

“Unorthodox” was helmed by actress-director Maria Schrader, who stars in the “Deutschland” franchise. It was Schrader’s 2016 biopic “Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe” – about the Austrian writer who fled to Brazil during the Nazi era – that made her the ideal director, however.

The astrologer and the astronomer

An ear, nose and throat surgeon, Fliess believed treatment of the nose could effect the entire body; it could even induce abortions. He developed also theories of predicity: the numbers 23 and 28 played vital roles in human life. Such eccentric views might well have brought him a bestseller or two in our own half-literate […]