JK Rowling Earned £1,560 a Word For Writing ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, Study Claims

British author JK Rowling earned £1,560 per word for her book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, The Sun reported on Wednesday, citing a recent study conducted by the UK-based global training company The Knowledge Academy on the best-selling books written by living authors around the world.

Trump damns himself with his own words

It’s hard, if not impossible, to wrap your mind around this callous and self-serving calculation, wherein the President admits to a journalist — one with deep credentials, and who has already written a best-selling, behind-the-scenes look at Trump’s White House — that he’s actively lying to the American people about a deadly pandemic that will […]

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister Supports Ankita Lokhande Over Her War Of Words With Shibani Dandekar

‘Don’t Even Bother To Clarify,’ Sushant’s Sister Tells Ankita Lokhande Shweta retweeted Ankita’s Twitter post and wrote, “Don’t even bother to clarify my dear. We are here for a cause and that is to know the whole truth, and we will keep pursuing that regardless! #WarriorsRoar4SSR.”

University Puts White Professor on Paid Leave for Using N-Word in Class

As the U.S. grapples with how to deal with racism, some members of academia have been criticized for using racial slurs in the teaching environment. In February, teaches at an Oklahoma university were criticized for using potentially offensive language. In the incident at Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University which became public on Friday, Shank can be heard […]

Ten words to understand China

His focus throughout is on China’s relationship with itself and not with the world. As such, foreign policy and steps to prevail over the region – if not the world at large — aren’t touched upon. Nevertheless, the internal and the external are closely linked, and it’s in this light that Hua’s depiction of a […]

France’s Sarkozy in ‘Racist Shipwreck’ After Using Word ‘Monkey’ Suggestively in Debate on ‘N-word’

Quelle maladie médiatique française.. Couper une phrase, la sortir de son contexte pour en retourner le raisonnement c’est tellement idiot ! Les Français ont très bien compris ce que @NicolasSarkozy a dit sur les élites ! https://t.co/7b3lzhxfdB

Don’t mention the B word!* No.10’s secret crib sheet for Ministers who can’t be trusted to say the right thing on EU talks (*That’s Brexit, which is officially done and dusted and can only be spoken of as a historical event)

The ‘stay on message memo’ comes as the Prime Minister faces threats of legal action from Brussels and a growing revolt from some senior Tories over controversial legislation which will over-rule parts of his own Brexit deal and flout international law.

Shibani Dandekar’s Wikipedia Page Vandalized After Her War Of Words With Ankita Lokhande

Amid the war of words between Shibani and Ankita, Shibani’s Wikipedia page was vandalized by some unknown sources. She was dubbed as a ‘gold digger’ and her career was described as ‘flop’. The page was restored, only to be vandalised again after a few hours.

Western Digital is trying to redefine the word “RPM”

For select products, Western Digital has published RPM speed within a “class” or “performance class” for numerous years rather than publishing specific spindle speeds. We also fine-tune select hard drive platforms and the related HDD characteristics to create several different variations of such platforms to meet different market or application needs. By doing so, we […]

‘Covfefe’: Trump invents new word and melts internet

You might also be interested in: US comic sorry for ‘beheaded Trump’ photo The internet reacts to Trump’s first overseas trip White House communications chief quits No time was wasted as some users put the word on a T-shirt, which they started to sell on eBay.