Youths donate blood in Gia Lai province

At the event 150 youths from Duc Co district and 250 employees of Company 72 have registered to donate their blood. As a result, the organizers collected 250 units of blood to add to the blood bank of the Gia Lai Provincial General Hospital.

Gia Long King artifacts exhibited at Hue Museum

The exhibition at the museum at the Huế Citadel in the centre of Hue is being held on the occasion of the king’s 200th death anniversary, and will last until the end of August.

14th NA’s ninth session: fund for disaster prevention necessary

Presenting a report on collecting feedback on the draft Law, Chairman of the NA’s Committee on Science, Technology, and Environment Phan Xuan Dung said a majority of deputies agree with the need to establish a fund for disaster prevention and control amid the complicated developments of climate change at present.

More and more foreigners have need to learn Vietnamese

Nowadays, the Southeast Asian country has attracted investors from various countries to develop the country’s economy; therefore, there has been growing need to learn Vietnamese and culture amongst investors and those love the country thanks to Vietnam’s good image in the eyes of foreigners.

Vietnamese hospital presented with three Asian records

The patient, 67, was hospitalised with a headache, dysarthria and right limb weakness. An MRI scan revealed that she had a small tumour in the left cerebral hemisphere, measuring 2cm and located about 1.5-2cm from the cortex, affecting her speech and mobility. The normal surgery could result in neurological sequelae – complications caused by damage […]

Nhan Dan 115 Hospital sets Asian records in applying AI technology

In February 2019, Chu Tan Si, head of the hospital’s Neurology Department, surgery and his colleagues with the support of Professor Amin Kassam, Vice President of Aurora Health Care (USA) conducted the surgery to remove the tumour successfully after an hour and a half.

Bunnell High School Quarter 3 Honor Roll

Ava Marie Almeida, Gredniela Jhovana Atencio, Amira Jahira Bailey, Julia Baldowski, Mackenzee Amanda Berger, Melissa Kathryn Blanco, Amari Demir Campfield, Lauren N Chechoski, Sebastian Jozef hodorowski, Rachel Lauren Ciuci, Morgan Rose Colacurcio, Patrick B Dahdal, Daniela Nicole DeBernardo, Alaysha Anaya DeCastro, Catie Ann Delaney, Kathryn Marie DePeano, Michael Gerard DiToro, Jerry Omar Dominguez, Lili Sara […]

Seven must-visit destinations of the Central Highlands region

Bien Ho Che (Tea lake), in Gia Lai province. The lake is located in Chu Pah district of Gia Lai province, roughly 13km north of the centre of Pleiku city. As the name Bien ho Che (Tea lake) implies itself, it represents the sheer vastness of the surrounding tea hill. Early in the morning when the […]

Struggling cake shop owner, 41, is charged with ‘selling hundreds of tins of baby formula stolen from Coles’ – and was only caught after proudly displaying the haul in her store’s window

Ms Phan, the 41-year-old female owner of the business, was arrested and spent the night in NSW Police custody at the Sydney Police Centre in Surry Hills 

Vietjet fully returns to domestic skies at full capacity

To mark the airline’s return to the skies, Vietjet’s Captain Le Trung Hieu made a video with the hashtags #backtothesky and #togetherwewin. The clip shows a day in a life of an airline captain with all of the well-prepared steps from early morning to the sunrise take-off and climb to an altitude of 10,000 metres […]