EU wants tech giants to do more to counter virus fake news

A senior European Union official warned online platforms like Google and Facebook on Wednesday to step up the fight against fake news coming notably from countries like China and Russia, but she praised the approach of Twitter for fact-checking a tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump. Unveiling a plan to fight disinformation linked to the […]

HC upholds DU decision to conduct online exam for final years courses with directions

The DU is scheduled to hold final year undergraduate online OBE from August 10-31 and the students who will be left out of online exams will be given an opportunity to appear in physical examinations, to be held sometime in September.

Márquez strikes out 9, Rockies beat Giants 5-2

Giants: LHP Drew Smyly (sprained left index finger) will stay in San Francisco for physical therapy. He won’t throw for at least a week. … RHP Trevor Cahill (right index fingernail) is scheduled to throw a simulated game in Sacramento at the end of the week. … The Giants are targeting a simulated game for […]

Bethel LGBTQ Parade Marches Onward, Online

Bethel CT Pride, which has been putting on the parade every year since 12-year-old Hailey Gesler managed to turn a language arts project into a celebration of LGBTQ rights in 2017, was 0undaunted by the pandemic, and has prepared a full slate of activities. The celebration will be held Saturday, Aug. 1, from noon to […]

Watched: Beckham says NFL has ‘different’ rules for him

“I don’t even want to get into that,” he said. “I’ll let you decide. But I mean, just open your eyes a little bit. Like I said, there’s people across the league with tinted visors, black visors and it’s me on Monday night in New York, la, la, la, and and pull him off the […]

Hanoi to conduct real-time PCR testing on large scale to tackle COVID-19

According to Chung, 50,000 people will be tested and the task is expected to be completed in 10 to 12 days. The Hanoi Centre for Disease Control and four centrally-run hospitals in the capital are capable of collecting 10,000 samples and testing 5,000 on a daily basis.

Worried about your kids’ mental health? Here’s what experts recommend

To minimise the impact of the pandemic, Dr Srivastava believes parents should pay keen attention to what their children have to say. “Listen to them, so that they can vent out their anger, anxiety or negativity. Also, schools should organise fun activity classes every day online, which includes various forms of dance, music, etc.”

Titan Eyeplus educates ill effects of screen blue light

Titan Eyeplus has launched a new campaign in order to educate viewers about the ill-effects of blue light emitted by screens. The campaign captures insights considering the current situation where school are closed due to the pandemic, school-going children and college students have been spending an increased amount of time in front of screens. This […]

Natasha Jonas talks about world title concerns, speaking out against discrimination, and inflicting a ‘massive shock’ on Terri Harper

“It got to the point where I didn’t think the fight would happen,” admitted Jonas when speaking to Sky Sports. “The chance to fight Terri pretty much came out of nowhere. I wasn’t mandatory or next in line for her so getting the shot was something of a surprise.

Texas sales tax holiday runs today through Sunday

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Hegar’s office reminds buyers that items specifically excluded from the list of eligible items include “special clothing and footwear that is primarily designed for athletic activity or protective use” including industrial or medical-grade masks as well as cleats and baseball gloves, for instance.