Roundabout: The endearing story of the lost girl named Love

The first time I set my eyes on the picture of the lovely Preet Nagar girl was way back in 1978 when, smitten by the love and legend of Punjabi poet, the late Shiv Batalvi, a friend and I decided to write a book on his life and times. We were visiting his wife Arun […]

Most Popular Baby Names From 2019 Released

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Social Security Administration recently released the top 10 most popular baby names of 2019, and the list isn’t much different than previous years.

The Fantasy Ending of

That feeling is exactly what’s communicated through Walker’s dance and Wadley’s score. The heightened, romantic reality of the musical vignette serves as a depiction of the life Jake wished he’d lived with the girl who got away — or, more accurately, the one who was never his to begin with. What about when the choreographed […]

Watch ‘New Girl’ Star Max Greenfield Debunk Wild Fan Theories

Last season concluded with Schmidt’s wedding to longtime beau Cece (Hannah Simone), and the fans demand to know where their marital bliss is headed next. “There will be an entirely silent episode, focusing on Schmidt and Cece’s married life during an argument,” claims the first card. “I’d be into that,” Greenfield says, “I wouldn’t have […]

‘Babe, we’re not having another kid’: Joy Anna Duggar, 22, jokes that she is done having babies while giving birth to her little girl – but pauses to put on makeup at EIGHT centimeters dilated

Despite the agony, when Joy felt like the baby’s entry into the world was imminent — and she was dilated eight centimeters — she stopped to put makeup on. As Austin filmed, Rachel brought over powder foundation and a color palette, which Joy Anna held onto through contractions. 

Britain’s biggest brood gets bigger! Radford family – which has 26 members – welcomes its 27th after 18-year-old gives birth to baby girl

In a separate post on the Radford family’s Instagram page, the family said: ‘Welcome to the family beautiful Ophelia […] i can’t even put into words how incredibly proud I am of @millieradford you did AMAZING bringing this beautiful blessing into the world. We love you both so much […].’ 

The 10 most endangered baby names for boys and girls – and one is royal!

However, the research found the biggest differences between Lauren and Callum between 2000 and 2019. While people entering their 20s may have a lot of friends with those two names, there have been less and less parents choosing them over the past twenty years. After all, with the number of baby name books and lists available, […]

Xiamen to offer free HPV vaccinations to girls to help prevent cervical cancer

Qiao Youlin, professor of epidemiology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences’ Cancer Hospital and Peking Union Medical College’s School of Population Medicine and Public Health in Beijing, said the policy is in line with the central government’s Healthy China 2030 initiative and the trend of attaching more importance to the prevention of diseases, especially […]

These are the most popular baby names of 2019, according to Social Security Administration

The list was unsurprising considering years past. Each of the names appeared on the SSA’s most popular names of the decade. However, monikers like Jacob, Isabella, Ethan, Michael and Abigail, which were all featured in the Top 10 were not on the 2019 list.

EXCLUSIVE ‘She loved it and we have gone with it’: Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson have already agreed on a name for their baby

‘The only time we were really anxious was when there was a possibility that the hospitals wouldn’t allow a partner in if you were giving birth. That would have been devastating, but very thankful that has been lifted and we can experience this miracle together. We are so grateful for that.’