Transcript: Dr. David Agus speaks with Michael Morell on “Intelligence Matters”

Ha-ha. Viruses are a part of nature that were meant to actually speed up and help with evolution. They transfer DNA from species to species. And they’re actually part of us, and have enabled the evolution tree to happen. And so viruses are common. If we look at our genome there are gobs of viruses […]

Special Report: Why metro Houston fears the next big storm

“Without some sort of national perspective on this, it pits parts of the country against each other … And Houston is stuck right in the middle of it,” said Richard Luettich Jr, a marine scientist at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and chairman of a National Research Council panel on coastal risk. […]

Special Report – Why metro Houston fears the next big storm

That led to his big idea: build a 60-mile-long, 17-foot-tall dike that would guard against the next hurricane that hits the long, thin barrier island on which Galveston sits. Like its Dutch inspiration, his idea included massive gates that would swing shut as a storm approached, blocking the 1.7-mile-wide entrance to Galveston Bay. The gate […]

Special Report: Stronger ‘superbugs,’ and no new drugs to fight them

In August, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected an application by a medical research arm of a foundation associated with German auto supplier Robert Bosch Gmbh to patent a fragment of a human AMP called defensin. In its application, the foundation cited its own research showing that the molecule was effective against Gram-negative and […]

Coronavirus: JobKeeper package passes parliament, health masks on way

In the city of 11 million where the pandemic began, residents waved flags and the city staged a light show with skyscrapers and bridges radiating images of health workers aiding patients.

Prepared to supply 10 crore tablets of Hydroxychloroquine to Indian government: IPCA Labs

Hydroxychloroquine, the anti inflammatory drug that is used for treating patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis has become a test case for India-US diplomatic relations. The drug has come to focus as several countries are using this drug as a preventive measure for Covid-19, despite inconclusive studies on its effectiveness. US President Donald Trump who has also […]

Coronavirus live updates: Sailors cleaning coronavirus-stricken carrier lack protective gear

3:46 p.m. Trump says he didn’t see memo reportedly warning of pandemic: President Trump said he did not see at the time a memo written by trade adviser Peter Navarro that the New York Times reported warned of potential impacts to the U.S. of a coronavirus pandemic. The New York Times reported the memo, written […]

Which experimental drugs could Prime Minister Boris Johnson be given in intensive care?

A record high 854 coronavirus deaths have been announced in the UK today, taking the total to 6,227, and dashing faint hopes that the peak might have been reached;  The Queen has sent a message to Ms Symonds and the Johnson family saying they were in her thoughts and that she wished the Prime Minister […]

Leaders, it’s okay to be uncertain

Hopefully, leaders around the world hear this. Citizens are standing at crossroads that will determine the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and all of us are facing important choices. Knowing what we know—or don’t know—about the future will influence the choices we must make today.

Tesla to Power Through Oil Price Bust, Although Cybertruck Sales May Stall

The cybertruck is set to start rolling off production lines in late 2021, with the tri-motor all-wheel-drive version going into production a year later. Full-size pickups are not particularly noted for their fuel economy, so fuel savings might be a much stronger reason to choose an electric truck over a gasoline one. But with fuel […]