Anthony Edwards linked to Golden State Warriors in mock draft

“At best, you’re looking at a future All-NBA player who should thrive in the NBA style at the coveted wing position,” Ward-Henninger said. “Getting into a strong culture like Golden State’s should help remedy any effort issues on both ends of the court.”

Warriors mailbag: What’s Golden State’s best-case scenario this offseason?

A successful free agency would have the Warriors signing a proven center, with Toronto’s Marc Gasol being the top choice on the mid-level exception. Golden State also will try to round out its rotation with a bargain signing or two on minimum contracts. Glenn Robinson III, who resuscitated his career with the Warriors last season […]

Report: New NBA G-League pro pathway team to be located in Walnut Creek

The new pro pathway program team will be a one-year developmental academy where players receive a full year of training under pro coaches in a professional environment. The team will also play other G-League teams (that don’t count in the regular G-League standings), international squads, and NBA practice teams. The team’s head coach is Brian […]

Report: Kevin Durant to sign 1+1 contract for less than max with Warriors

This sets up Durant to re-sign for the Non-Bird Exception, which would pay him $31,848,120 next season (120% of his salary this season). His projected max salary is more than $35 million, but Golden State would need cap space to offer it. This route allows the Warriors to stay over the cap and maintain Iguodala’s […]

Report: At least seven teams will try to pick off free agent Andre Iguodala from Warriors

Iguodala, 33, is coming off a four-year, $48 million deal and the Warriors would like to retain him in that ballpark of $12 million a year or a little less. The question is the years, Golden State may want to do two, Iguodala will want four, and the likely will settle at three, but that […]

Report: Warriors concerned about luxury-tax cost of re-signing Andre Iguodala

If Iguodala bolts, where would that leave Durant? Durant might not accept a lower salary just to save the Warriors money. I’d guess his willingness to take less than the max is based on the team building a stronger roster. Golden State refusing to pay for Iguodala wouldn’t be holding up its end of the […]

Report: Andre Iguodala to ‘seriously consider’ leaving Warriors in free agency

Durant is reportedly willing to accept less than his max, which would allow the Warriors to maintain Iguodala’s Bird Rights. They could pay Iguodala any amount up to the max – and have no mechanism to adequately replace if he leaves. If they somehow lost him, Durant would probably want his max, creating additional complications.

Free Agency primer: Top 25 free agents to watch

12) Andre Iguodala. There are a lot of teams interested in Iguodala — Minnesota, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Orlando, Brooklyn and Utah among them. We’ve also heard the Warriors are “concerned” about the tax bill for Iguodala (after they give Curry and Durant massive new deals). All that hints that Iguodala could be on the move, […]

Stephen Curry to play Tour’s Ellie Mae Classic

It’ll be the first PGA Tour-sanctioned event for Curry, who has competed in various celebrity events and pro-ams. The top 25 on Tour’s regular-season money list will earn PGA Tour cards.

Why Donald Trump’s Campaign Could Prove to Be the Death of the Christian Right

Southern Baptist spokesperson Russell Moore (who recently succeeded the conventional Christian-right leader Richard Land as head of his denomination’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission) has been the most outspoken about this change of perspective, even before Trump arrived like a barbarian warlord at the gates of ancient Rome. Moore worries that conservative Evangelicals have overidentified […]