World Poetry Day: 5 easy ways to make poetry a part of your daily life

Every year on March 21 since 1999, the World Poetry Day is celebrated to promote poetry in our daily lives– be it teaching or any other art forms like theatre, dance or music. The day was adopted by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to make poetry accessible and a part of […]

Bella Thorne Reveals How She Was ‘Molested Her Whole Life’

American actress and singer Bella Thorne has made what appears to be a surprising reveal about her personal life, sharing a “candid poem” from her book, “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul”, about her insecurities and how she deals with them, according to Page Six.

Michael Rosen ‘very poorly but stable’ after night in intensive care

Families on lockdown around the world have been finding inspiration in Rosen’s children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, by putting teddy bears in their windows for children to spot on their daily walks and drawing comfort from the line: “We’re not scared.”

Amit Chaudhuri: ‘I use the things that real memoirists throw out’

Those reviews were good, and Chaudhuri’s career began in earnest. Two more well-received novels were published, along with short stories and criticism. But, he says, beyond “a few LRB parties”, he never really joined in London literary life, and by the end of the 90s, he actively wanted to escape it. “I felt it was […]

Daddy’s little monsters: Father uses computer wizardry to produce images of how the animal drawings of his two little boys and their friends would look in real life

You’re having a giraffe: Dom drew this aged six. To edit out all the spots on a giraffe would have taken hours, so I used a photo of a horse and added the pattern.

Morsy’s son blames Egyptian regime for ‘slow deliberate medical murdering’ of ex-President

The Muslim Brotherhood is a religious and political group founded on the belief that Islam is not simply a religion, but a way of life. It advocates moving away from secularism and returning to the rules of the Quran as a basis for healthy families, communities and states.