Rapids’ season comes to end in MLS Cup Playoffs loss at Minnesota

“It’s not very often you lose a game 3-0 and you think that you should have won,” Rapids coach Robin Fraser said. “This is a young team going through this experience for the first time. You have to be able to be solid, which we were throughout most of night, but not as consistently as […]

Eva Simpson: Rotters in charge won’t give us fair retail ending – it’s a national disgrace

What we do know is that Arcadia –which owns Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Evans and Wallis, among others – has gone bust. The bleak news also saw the end of Debenhams, which had been in talks with JD Sports over a £300m takeover, but those collapsed for good this week.

Staff rights when your company is liquidated – what Debenhams workers are due

A redundancy payment Holiday pay Outstanding payments like unpaid wages, overtime and commission Money you would have earned working your notice period (‘statutory notice pay’) To claim from the state, you need to get an RP1 form, which is available from the Redundancy Payments Service the RP1 form is only available online, not by calling […]

India’s economy on the rebound, government focuses on spending : Finance Minister

India’s economy will return to growth in 2021/22 after a sharp contraction last year, and higher public spending will lay the foundation for stronger growth in the next four to five years, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told Reuters on Thursday.With the world’s second highest number of coronavirus cases despite a severe lockdown of its 1.3 […]

Programming languages: Java founder James Gosling reveals more on Java and Android

“Back in the early 1990s it was well understood that the number one source of security vulnerabilities was just pointers, was just bugs, like 50% to 60% to 70% were bugs and the vast majority of them were like buffer overflows. We have to make sure this cannot happen. And that was the original thing […]

Cash, Oaths, Holy Water: The Quest by Cambodia’s Ruling Party to Identify True Supporters

She oversees local charity efforts, like an NGO-funded sanitation system that is still being planned, and she is responsible for village administration. Then there is the work she is expected to do on behalf of the CPP — despite holding an ostensibly apolitical position.

The 3 steps to making tough decisions—bold advice from an ex-Marine officer

Things To Accept It’s an obligation: Recognize that you have a fundamental obligation to deal with and resolve hard decisions. The minute you accepted the mantle of leadership, you accepted the authority and responsibility for all decisions associated with that position. You can’t hope it disappears: The issue creating your hard choice will not resolve itself. […]

Driving social change

Opening up opportunities All this has opened up opportunities for designers, communication experts, web developers and search-engine specialists, the Chawlas point out. Recruiters and job-seekers converge on SM platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to fill their needs. You can look for companies that suit your profile, connect with current/former employees. This year, you […]

Three Points: Rapids nab third straight win, improve playoff seeding

“This was not our best performance, but the ability to keep ourselves in it and give ourselves a chance is something that I think the team can certainly take pride in,” Fraser said. “We recognize that things don’t have to go perfectly to be able to get results… Once you get into the playoffs, it […]

Border closure not sustainable — Economic Advisory Council chief, Salami

Mr. Abdulhameed said that it would complement and perfect one of NIRSAL’s business models/concepts known as PH-P3 (Primary Production & Harvest, Primary Processing, Primary Transportation and Primary Storage)     which would ensure efficient production in the farms and optimum capture of value at harvest by enabling prompt evacuation of produce from farm-gates, and the subsequent haulage […]