Google’s new software update tries to fix the Pixel 4’s awful battery life

Pixel devices already have emergency contact features built-in, along with the Trusted Contacts app, both with the goal of adding some safety to your phone. With the new safety check option within the Safety app, you’ll be able to do things like schedule a check-in with your emergency contacts of choice in times when you […]

Google Search Now Reads at a Higher Level

Another was the query “2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa.” To a human, that’s a clear attempt to discover the requirements for Brazilians heading to the US, but pre-BERT Google misunderstood the crucial “to” and returned an article about US citizens traveling to Brazil as the top result. With BERT, the search engine […]

Google Fiber faces outages in Austin, Houston, and other Texan cities

Seems faster? Two tips to make Surface Duo feel smoother for navigation Since Surface Duo runs Android 10, there are multiple ways to customize it and improve it to your liking. Here are two simple tips that change how the OS feels and may even make it all feel smoother. All it takes is 3 […]

Best smart displays for 2020: From the Echo Show 8 to the Google Nest Hub

The smart display industry has flourished in recent years, with the Amazon Echo Show 8 and the Google Nest Hub (formerly the Google Home Hub) at the forefront of the screen wars. It makes sense that there are almost a dozen smart displays on the market: They’re a great combo made up of the always-listening voice assistant (like you’d find in […]

This is the most popular online course by Google

On its Grow with Google webpage, Google gives more details on how the certificate course helps and what is needed. The course has been developed entirely by Google and it takes about six months to complete. The course is hosted on Coursera and no previous experience is required to start the course. Google also offers […]

Google introduces programme to help SMBs build digital safety net

With the pandemic showing more than ever that digital tools can provide a safety net for small businesses, Google has introduced a new programme to help business owners learn how to build an online presence, find more customers, sell online or work remotely. The content of the new “Grow with Google” lessons can vary from […]

The best smart home devices of 2020: Amazon and Google fight to control your home

Google prudently opted out of including a video camera on the Hub itself, getting ahead of some privacy concerns, and likely prompting Amazon to include a manual video shutter on its new, smaller Echo Show 5 display. If you really want a Google-based smart display that allows for video chatting, a few third-party options can […]

Google’s Wifi service to improve cellular coverage in public areas

Orion Wifi lets businesses sell Wi-Fi capacity to cellular carriers. When someone walks into a grocery store or mall, Orion Wifi helps the local network tell the carrier about its price and quality. If the carrier decides the connection is good enough, Orion Wifi establishes the connection, it explained.

Google Finance redesigned to track stocks, market

The search giant has added a feature to group stocks and build ‘Watchlist’ to help users find relevant news, data and earnings details, and to compare market information. In addition, company events and earnings calls can also be tabled to the Google Calendar to stay up-to-date.

Google rolls out Verified calls feature on Android to help tackle spam calls

Google aims to solve this issue with Verified calls. The feature will show users the caller’s name, logo, the reason for calling and a verification symbol indicating the business has been authenticated by Google. Verified Calls is a feature on Google’s Phone app, which comes pre-loaded on many Android phones and will be available for […]