Android 11 is live: How to use priority conversations, screen recording and other new features right away

You can then drag the icons for your various Bubbles chats around on your screen, or tap on the avatar for the person you want to talk to, and the thread will open up, all without ever leaving the app you’re currently using. I’m glad this is an opt-in feature, based on each thread, instead […]

Google’s Trusted Contacts is a simple way for families to have some peace of mind

Getting your child their first phone is maybe as exciting for the parent as it is the kid. It’s also scary as hell, yeah, but part of the idea of putting a computer in their pocket is so that you can keep in touch with them as they start branching out into the world — especially […]

Android user alert! 6 malicious apps infected with Joker malware removed from Google play store

“Joker is a malicious bot (categorized as Fleeceware) which main activity is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid premium services unbeknownst to users. By using as little code as possible and thoroughly hiding it, Joker generates a very discreet footprint that can be tricky to detect,” Pradeo said in a […]

What Android gets right that the iPhone gets so wrong

Maybe you feel like you don’t need to see that CNN alert right away (JK of course you do) — snooze it. Or make Facebook alerts silent so you can choose when you catch up. But if you want your phone to buzz every time your mom forwards you an email from her Mahjong group […]

Google will use Android smartphones as earthquake detection devices

Starting today, interested parties from around the world can opt-in to the Android Earthquake Alerts System and use their phones as mini seismometers to send data to Google. “To start, we’ll use this technology to share a fast, accurate view of the impacted area on Google Search,” said Marc Stogaitis a principal software engineer with […]

Android users warned to delete six apps containing sinister Joker malware that could cost you thousands

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Google rolls out Verified calls feature on Android to help tackle spam calls

Verified calls is being rolled out in India, US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain in the first phase and other countries are expected to receive it soon. Google, in its blog post, cited a 2019 FTC report stating that phone calls were the number one way people reported being contacted by scammers. While most people said they […]

Deal alert: Learn AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with this $50 cloud training bundle

Complete 2020 Cloud Foundation Certification Bundle ThisisEngineering RAEng The Complete 2020 Cloud Foundation Certification Bundle has the courses you need to navigate these services. Start with a seven-hour study of AWS with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course, which will teach you basic cloud concepts as well as the way the AWS architecture works so […]

The best folding phones of 2020: What’s available now and what’s coming up

Microsoft Surface Duo Microsoft announced the Surface Duo, a dual-screen, Android-powered phone during its annual Surface October 2019 hardware event in New York City. The surprise unveiling of this new device, with two 5.6-inch screens joined by a thin metal 360-degree hinge, offers a new design and software direction for a foldable phone. Aside from […]

Report: Google watch coming “within months”

Google Now began as an evolution of Google’s Search app. The service aggregates and analyzes any Google-facing data about the user, including Gmail accounts, Web usage, and search history. The user then sees notifications based on that data, including alerts for appointments, information about upcoming flights, or other snippets of data on topics of interest. […]