How to turn off the Suggested Apps feature on your Google Pixel phone in Android 11

If you’re like most Android users I know, you like to customize your home screen and app layout to suit your needs, so you probably want to turn off the suggested apps feature that Google just introduced on Android 11. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to do if you know where to look. I’ll show you […]

Android 11 is Bringing Some Big New Features to Your Phone

Android 11 features Built-in screen recording Android 11’s headline feature is a built-in screen recorder, similar to the one that Apple offers to iPhone users. There have been widespread calls for this functionality for at least a year, and in the meantime Android users have had to turn to third-party screen recording apps. This will […]

Six months later, the Huawei App Gallery still can’t take on Google Play

Six months is a significant amount of time to use any smartphone, but it’s not long in the life of an app store or mobile ecosystem, especially one that’s young. Huawei still needs time, but some of the new features which were looked at as important advancements in everyday usability — Petal Search and TomTom […]

The current state of Android TV: Waiting for a hero

The changes do look pretty exciting if you’re a TV or film buff. A picture in picture mode running natively and simultaneously means you can have the baseball game in a small window while you looks for stats or see what’s on next. There is even new support for digital tuners if you’re severed that […]

Cyble launches AmiBreached app to help users ascertain their exposure in the dark and deep web

“Every person has the right to know about their information exposure. Cybercriminals are evolving at the rapid pace, and consumers all over the world are baffled about the identity thefts, frauds and scams. A platform such as Cyble’s equips them with the knowledge so they can take appropriate mitigations against the threats,” said Mandar […]

How to Download Files in Chrome on Android

Downloads from Chrome are stored in the “Downloads” folder on your device. You can view this folder with a file manager. Most Android devices come with a file manager app pre-installed, usually simply called “Files” or “My Files.” If not, the “Files by Google” app is available for free in the Play Store.

Google: Your smartphone is getting Android upgrades faster and here’s the proof

Treble is meant to address Android’s decade-long OS version fragmentation problem, which prevents many Android device owners from getting the latest features from Google and its latest security and privacy innovations. Adoption is also important for developers who want to use the latest platform features to improve the experience of their apps, even if Google […]

Android 11 features, release date, phones, Easter Egg and everything you need to know

Well, when we say ‘here for all’, we mean the final version of the Android 11 software has begun rolling out, though it’s not on all phones right now. You can see which smartphones are compatible with Android 11 below, and we’ll also mention phones from companies where the maker has confirmed the handset will […]

How to use the new media controls in Android 11

Source: Android Central By default, these new media controls will be accessible as long as you do not dismiss them from the notification shade. If you want the controls to disappear once the song, playlist, or podcast you’re listening to is over, you’ll need to adjust this in the system settings.

Amazing Google Pixel 4a deal gets you cheap iPhone rival for £21 a month

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