Google’s Phone app is coming to more non-Pixel phones with ‘Verified Calls’

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Google introduces Verified Calls feature in Phone app

 Verified Calls will display the caller’s name, logo, reason for calling and a verification symbol as a sign of authentication by Google. The new feature will be available to Android users on Google’s Phone app.

Google rolls out Truecaller like feature for android users

Internet search giant Google has rolled out a new feature for Android users in five countries — including India — that will help them avoid calls that could potentially be a scam. The company has rolled out a feature called Verified Calls on its Phone app that aims to not only make Android users trust […]

Google’s Phone app comes to more devices, and can now tell you why a business is calling

According to Google, the feature also benefits business because people are much more likely to pick up a call that’s verified. Although the company wouldn’t share specific numbers, it said that it’s seen a significant increase in the likelihood of customers answering calls during trials of the feature. (It confirmed a pilot in Brazil back […]

How to activate verified caller settings in Google Phone app

Google has recently rolled out a new caller ID feature to warn its Phone app users about spam and telemarketing calls. The feature is currently being rolled out for select regions, including India and here’s how you enable or disable the feature from within the app itself. Pre-requisites: Latest version of Google Phone app Active […]

Google rolls out Verified calls feature on Android to help tackle spam calls

This, in turn, helps reduce business costs while identifying relevant calls to people in a trustworthy way. For instance, banks calling to alert a customer about a possible fraudulent transaction can increase answer rates by stating the call reason. A food delivery or logistics company can do the same to make sure customers are available […]

The Very Busy Teyana Taylor Books

All those years of Googling are paying off. Teyana Taylor, who’s having quite a moment after sending everyone to the gym with her appearance in Kanye’s Flashdance-inspired “Fade” video, has booked appearances on VH1’s ‘90s series The Breaks, where she’ll recur as a young rapper, and its new Ice Cube–produced game show Hip Hop Squares. Taylor’s very busy schedule […]

Apple and Google-backed smart home standard will launch in 2021

Safer phone calls Google’s Phone app is coming to more non-Pixel phones with ‘Verified Calls’ Google’s Phone app now offers a new feature called Verified Calls, allowing you to confirm the identity of a business and know why they’re calling even before you answer their call.

Google Verified Calls will tell you why a business is calling you

Spam and scam calls have long been a problem in the US and in other countries and with Verified Calls, Google hopes to improve businesses’ answer rates. Judging by the pilot program the company has been running for the past few months though, the feature will help improve the likelihood of someone answering a call […]

YouTube bans prominent white supremacist channels

Stefan Molyneux is a Canadian white nationalist activist known for his promotion of conspiracy theories. Richard Spencer is US white supremacist credited with coining the term “alt-right”. David Duke is the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan. On Twitter Mr Molyneux described his channel’s suspension as an “egregious error”.