The many sides of Microsoft’s new two-screen Suface Duo phone

Ultimately, rather than doing battle with existing devices from Apple or Samsung, the Surface Duo is an attempt to get ahead of the curve on a different class of device that might emerge. That makes it fundamentally different than Microsoft’s last ill-fated foray into the smartphone business. “I didn’t come at [the Duo] from ‘Let’s […]

Microsoft’s Surface Duo arrives on September 10th for $1,399

The real question will be how well Surface Duo, and devices like it, improve productivity on the go, and whether two mobile screens is truly needed. These devices will ultimately require some hardware advances to really pull off the vision. But if consumers agree with Microsoft, Samsung, and others that two screens are better than […]

Microsoft Surface Duo Will Cost $1,399 on September 10

Microsoft has finally pulled the wraps off of the Surface Duo, its Android-based foldable (that it won’t call a phone). It will start at $1,399 for a 128GB model when it launches on September 10. Microsoft made the announcement in a blog post this morning.

Microsoft back in the smartphone business with its new Duo

Adding a mobile device to its Surface line of computers is a reversal for Microsoft after its short-lived ownership of smartphone-maker Nokia and its difficulties in transitioning its Windows operating system to the mobile era. Apple and Google’s Android long ago cornered the market on phone operating systems, but Microsoft’s rare partnership with Google means […]

Microsoft brings Xbox games to your mobile phone

Similar to Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia, the service will allow users to play games using cloud computing – having the games run on hardware the phones are connecting to remotely, giving gamers the ability to play higher-quality games on their mobile devices.