Uncharted 4 and the grief of finishing a great video game

Games technology is at a stage now where we have climbed the uncanny valley, the point at which human-like characters look weird and scary because they’re not quite human. Major studios now use complex multi-camera set-ups to film and capture not just the body movements of actors, but their facial expressions too. This process used […]

Google Is Launching a Global Earthquake-Detection Network

How courthouse break-ins landed two white hat hackers in jail Tips to make your video calls look and sound better How to spot—and avoid—dark patterns on the web The fantasy and the cyberpunk futurism of Singapore Mad scientists revive 100-million-year-old microbes 🎙️ Listen to Get WIRED, our new podcast about how the future is realized. […]

Destiny’s creators made the game less addictive – and players rebelled

The new version of the game doesn’t fully return to the slot-machine vibe of the original Destiny. High-level weapons and armour are still doled out as rewards for structured activities, rather than simply dropped at random intervals by enemies, and the game has maintained a distinction between “legendary gear” and “powerful gear” – only the […]

Destiny 2: how a fresh start let Bungie make its biggest game yet

“We wanted to create worlds you could exist in, worlds that unfold as you’re playing them,” Smith says. “You’ll complete a mission in the place like the European Dead Zone, and maybe you’ll return to the character who’s there, and that character will unlock some adventures for you to do, and another mission. And you […]

Jiggle Physics 46: State of Play; Marvel’s Avengers beta

More to enjoy The Last of Us Part 2 is getting more difficulty options with Grounded mode Naughty Dog has announced a new Grounded update for The Last of Us Part 2. This update adds Grounded mode, permadeath options, new rendering modes and accessibility options.

Microsoft brings Xbox games to your mobile phone

More from Microsoft Xbox Series X to launch in November – but Halo fans will be disappointed Details of NHS deals with tech giants released by government after legal threat Microsoft’s Surface Duo: Specifications revealed for new dual-screen smartphone Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board to focus on philanthropy Microsoft admits using contractors to […]

Now you can create, convert, sign PDF documents on Google Chrome

Adobe is making it easy for you to convert doc files to PDF, compress or sign PDF files by making free online tools accessible on the browser Adobe has partnered with Google Chrome to offer these tools as shortcuts. For example, if you need to create a new PDF file, just open PDF.new on your […]

Google begins rolling out five new Android upgrades ahead of Android 11’s launch

Android Auto is also receiving improvements, courtesy of a revamped Calendar app and an updated Settings menu. These changes let you get a “quick look into your daily schedule” and manage your Android Auto preferences “directly on your car display,” respectively. The updates are expected to arrive over the next month.

2022 Commonwealth Games: Australia legend Belinda Clark lauds inclusion of women’s T20s for Birmingham

“This is an exciting time for the sport and the impact on the next generation is obvious, with girls making up six out of 10 new participants in Australia,” Clark said. “The exposure will become even greater when Australia hosts the Women’s Twenty20 World Cup early next year.”

You May Need A New Account To Play The Final Fantasy XIV Online Free Trial

A Square Enix representative confirmed this was the case, telling GameSpot “if anyone has purchased any version of FFXIV in the past, they cannot participate in the free trial with that account.” So while a free trial account can be converted to a paying account, a paying account can’t be reverted back to a free […]