The best smart home devices of 2020: Amazon and Google fight to control your home

Amazon’s midtier smart display is the best one in its line. For $130, the Echo Show 8 has great audio quality, a highly visible screen and a convincing nod to privacy with a physical shutter you can slide over its camera. We still like the interface better on the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub […]

American Express launches ‘Shop Small’ in India to help small retailers tide over COVID-19 impact

American Express is providing merchant recovery kits to small businesses with a range of Shop Small POP, social distancing materials and hygiene supplies such as hand sanitiser sprays, masks, and face shields to help them maintain in-store hygiene and restart their business with confidence while ensuring the safety of their customers.

Teaching in the time of a pandemic

Indian teachers are used to chalk-and-talk teaching, which is a practical way of communicating concepts, clarifying doubts, teaching even subjects such as math and Engineering. Besides, it is a method that works in all circumstances and locations. Students too are used to following the teacher as she teaches on the board. The general bustle and […]

Best External Monitors for Chromebooks 2020

Pick the best Chromebook external monitors Chromebooks are flexible and easy to set up and use — so your second monitor should be too! Whether you’re after a future-proofed 4K display for your home office, a second screen that’s as portable as your Chromebook is, or a cheap and reliable 1080p display that just works […]

Foreshocks Announce Future Earthquakes on Some Faults

At plate boundaries, the interface between two of Earth’s tectonic plates, foreshocks result from slow, creeping movement between the two plates before big earthquakes rupture more rapidly, according to a study published today (March 24) in the journal Nature Geoscience. As the fault creeps, small, stuck zones resist this slow movement and eventually break, generating […]

iPhone users, do this simple thing every week

Featured Best rugged tablets in 2020: Samsung, Panasonic, Getac, Dell, and Lenovo University warns that ‘serious cyber incident’ could take weeks to fix Google Cloud’s Business Application Platform aims to court citizen, business developers with no-code approach Contact tracing: Data shows apps can help in fight against COVID, say researchers

Tesla shares lead bounce-back in tech stocks just a day after Elon Musk lost record $16.3 billion when his electric car maker plunged 21% in one session

Since governments shut down economies earlier in the year due to the pandemic, American tech stocks have seen huge gains, pinned on the belief that tech firms would benefit from changes in spending habits and more online use during lockdown.

The best iPhone keyboard tips and tricks

Emoji hunt Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right emoji you’re looking for to express just the right emotion for your message. Whereas on a Mac, you can use a search term to locate a specific emoji, on the iPhone, there is no text search box. However, if you just type the word in […]

In 2015, Apple’s ecosystem got larger (and harder to leave) than ever

It may also be time for a new Mac Pro revision, since the current machine is two years old and CPUs and GPUs have advanced far enough that upgrades could give buyers a lot more options (most notably, Intel is offering even more cores in its single-socket Xeon CPUs, so new Pros could finally meet […]

5 Amazon privacy settings to change now

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