Apple says cloud gaming apps like Google Stadia violate iOS app store rules

“Apple stands alone as the only general purpose platform to deny consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass,” the spokesperson added. “All games available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog are rated for content by independent industry ratings bodies such as the ESRB and regional equivalents. We believe that the […]

You can buy a Pixel 4a now, but Google’s already teasing the Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 4a shares a similar look to the Pixel 4, with a square camera module in the top-left corner of the rear panel. The camera will be the big draw for many people, as the Pixel 4a has a single 12.2-megapixel sensor packed with all of Google’s excellent computational photography software, including Night […]

Leaked internal document hints at Google launch of a foldable phone next year

Earlier this week, Google introduced its latest Pixel-branded budget smartphone and teased a pair of upcoming phones it plans to launch later in 2020. But there may be more: An internal document obtained by 9to5Google suggests the tech giant may have already kicked off development on phones for 2021 — and one of them could […]

Two Vietnamese tech startups accepted to Google’s accelerator program

This is one of several programs held by Google geared toward the promotion of startups both in Vietnam and throughout the broader Southeast Asia region in order to help them cope with their shared challenges in facing the economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Google removes Indian app from the Play Store that helped in removing Chinese apps from smartphones

The app’s developer claimed it made the software “for educational purposes only to identify the country of origin of a certain application(s),” and that it does not “promote or force people to uninstall any of the application(s),” though Google’s standing on the matter is now clear.

Facebook teams with Google to build undersea cable from Hong Kong to Los Angeles

Google Networking Infrastructure Director Brian Quigley said the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) will consist of 12,800 km (nearly 8,000 miles) of fiber with an estimated capacity of 120 Tbps, effectively making it the highest-capacity trans-Pacific route (a record that is currently held by another Google-based cable system, FASTER).

Latest Snowden documents reveal the NSA infiltrates Google, Yahoo data center traffic at will

NSA director, General Keith Alexander, refuted the allegations in an published interview with Bloomberg. Alexander said the NSA doesn’t have access to Google servers or Yahoo servers, which may be true, but he didn’t specifically address the question of whether or not they have access to the communications links between them. Did he speak with […]

Google’s Michael Jones on How Maps Became Personal

It’s not the map itself that has changed. You would recognize a 1940 map and the latest, modern Google map as having almost the same look. But the old map was a fixed piece of paper, the same for everybody who looked at it. The new map is different for everyone who uses it. You […]

I pre-ordered a Google Pixel 4a because I just want a good, simple phone

Not that long ago, if you wanted a phone with a high quality build, good camera(s), an excellent display, and any bonus features like water resistance or NFC, you had to go for the premium models (and I did, with gusto). But this is not the case anymore. Sure, you still often need to make […]

Google’s new phone case is beautiful—and it’s made out of water bottles

Until this becomes the norm, products designed from recycled plastic are a way to mitigate the problem. Last year, the UN and the European Commission launched a two-year public awareness campaign called PolyCE (short for for Post-Consumer High-tech Recycled Polymers for a Circular Economy) to encourage brands to make products out of recycled plastic and […]