Airplane cell phone calls won’t be allowed in US any time soon

For example, US Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in December 2013 that his department would consider imposing its own ban on in-flight calls. In February 2014, the US House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted to ban cell phone calls during flights.

Nirav Modi extradition case: UK court rejects plea seeking partial ban on reporting

Refusing the plea, magistrate says the threshold required for a private sitting has not been met. IN LONDON The first day of the scheduled five-day second-leg trial of Nirav Modi’s extradition case began at Westminster Magistrates’ Court with an application by his counsel that Justice (Retd) Abhay Thipsay’s evidence be taken in private or with […]

Coronavirus: Will universities be exempt from the new rules? And other questions

What do I need to know about the coronavirus? EASY STEPS: How to keep safe HOPE AND LOSS: Your coronavirus stories LOOK-UP TOOL: Check cases in your area VIDEO: The 20-second hand wash STRESS: How to look after your mental health What questions do you have about coronavirus? Do you want to ask it on […]

Japan’s Shinzo Abe to visit Mar-a-Lago to discuss North Korea with Trump

“The two leaders will discuss the international campaign to maintain maximum pressure on North Korea in advance of President Trump’s planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. President Trump and Prime Minister Abe will explore ways to expand fair and reciprocal trade and investment ties between the United States and Japan, two of […]

Microsoft has 45 days to buy TikTok after Trump gives go-ahead – ‘if US operation is separate from China’

“With respect to Chinese apps on people’s cell phones, I can assure you the United States will get this one right,” Pompeo said when he was asked about a possible US ban.

Machine that processes 15,000 swabs per day, a 20-second saliva test and £28-a-go nostril sample analyser: How accurate are the tests being lined up for Boris Johnson’s ‘Operation Moonshot’ plan to check 10million people a DAY?

Minutes after the plans were unveiled by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Downing Street press briefing, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said the technology was not yet available, warning he should not put a date on when it would be because ‘that’s not how science works’.

Santa Cruz fires left no time for warnings: ‘The only evacuation notice we got was a wall of fire’

Frase began frantically looking for her animals when Martinez-McKinney came screeching up in his truck, urging her to leave. Martinez-McKinney helped her jump start her car with a generator and she finally left, barefoot and without dentures, with one dog she could find.

How does a Sturgis-sized crowd affect COVID-19? It’s complicated

Now, that’s an alternative universe of its own. The well-accepted methods employed by the San Diego State University team are standard for economists to use when trying to answer questions about the societal impacts of a sudden event. But that doesn’t mean that they were the right methods for answering this question, nor that the […]

US election 2020 latest news: Twitter flags Trump’s tweet telling NC voters to make ‘ballot count’ by ‘voting twice’

Gregory Cheadle “went viral” after Trump singled him out during a rally as “my African-American”. Cheadle has lost friends and partners and been forced to go into hiding since the incident, reports CNN, and now says he no longer supports Trump and left the Republican Party because of its “pro-white agenda”.

Virgil: Are the Democrats Fighting Racism or Helping Themselves with Vote by Mail?

As the Reno Gazette-Journal reported, while Sisolak’s proclamation is ostensibly aimed at the epidemic, its wording will have the effect of making “long-term change across all sectors of government, including education, housing, and criminal justice.” Thus we can see: The “emergency” provides Sisolak & Co. with an opportunity to do all sorts of things, and one of those things […]