Can New Education Policy boost tech adoption?

Integration of technology helps link theory with practice and develop valuable, lifelong skills and strategies. For example, virtual labs for experimentation are now possible. Online technologies allow students to collaborate and share ideas and discoveries. Educators must emphasize conceptual understanding rather than rote learning. They can use 3D videos and models to explain difficult concepts, […]

Boris faces Tory revolt over sweeping new ‘rule of six’ restrictions as Nicola Sturgeon saves Christmas in Scotland by imposing same social gathering rules – but NOT including children under 12 in the limit

NEW LOCKDOWN RULES FOR ENGLAND FROM MONDAY Max social gatherings SIX PEOPLEApplies indoors and outdoorsApplies in private homesApplies in pubs and restaurantsDoes NOT apply to schools or workplacesDoes NOT apply to weddings, funerals, team sportDoes NOT apply if household bubbles are bigger than six peoplePolice will be encouraged to break up larger groups and issue £100 […]

PM’s own SAGE experts warned his £100bn ‘Moonshot’ plan to save Christmas by testing 10m people a day might be a waste of money and will deliver too many false results – as ministers admit the technology may NEVER exist

‘My two concerns are first, we are still struggling to get test and trace out just for symptomatic individuals for a few 100,000 people and secondly a lot of those contracts are being awarded to private companies such as Deloitte instead of actually working through the NHS, imagine if that injection of cash was put […]

No plan yet to reopen educational institutions in Manipur, says Minister

The Manipur Education Minister T. Radheshyam clarified on Friday that there is no government plan as yet to reopen educational institutions in the State. Referring to news reports that there are plans to reopen student hostels, which were closed to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, he said that the reports were baseless and false. He further […]

Cut quarantine with coronavirus test BEFORE your flight home: Ministers eye plan that could halve self-isolation time to just five days and boost air travel

In my work I move between lecture halls, laboratories, and to Whitehall and Westminster. I have never shown any Covid-19 symptoms, but because of the nature of my work, I am tested three times a week. Regular testing needs to become the norm for most of the population – and I have no doubt it […]

This ridiculous rule of 6 poses a real danger – Britain losing its faith in its leaders: KAROL SIKORA says the government has been successful at spreading fear, and not much else

Psychologically, the fundamental problem with the Rule of Six is that it reverses the tide towards the return to normality which, as a nation, we desperately have to cling to. Worst of all, it undermines any effort to get people back to work, particularly via public transport. Any sensible person will wonder how it can […]

Government urged to create 600,000 new jobs to save workers from coronavirus fallout

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Working people carried the burden of the pandemic. They must not bear the brunt of the recession. The Government must go all out to protect and create jobs and prevent the misery of mass unemployment.”

The government’s plan for UK theatre is vague and demoralising – here’s what we need

It is vital that this helps fund the freelancers who form 70% of theatre’s workforce, a third of whom do not qualify for the Treasury’s income-support schemes. Many will have no option but to leave the theatre entirely and I can’t overstate that without their crucial talents all efforts to save our venues will be […]

UN condemns use of schools as isolation centres, IDP Camps, Military bases

“Beyond physical attacks, when due to fear, a student cannot go to school because it has become a place of danger causing the desire for school to become eroded, then education has been attacked psychologically. When a girl-child is afraid to go to school because the path to school is no longer safe and secure […]

611 teachers killed, 910 schools destroyed in nine years in Northeast ― UN

The statement quoted the United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres as stating that “as the world fights to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, children and youth in conflict zones remain among the most vulnerable to its devastating impact. We must ensure our children have a safe and secure environment in which to learn the knowledge and skills […]