Puerto Rican singer iLe wants her fans to question their relationships with government

Governor Wanda Vazquez took office after messages between former Rosselló and his colleagues were leaked to the public. Rosselló made offensive remarks about women, the LGBTQ community and Hurricane Maria victims. The leaked chats sparked a revolution on the island and gave many Puerto Ricans hope that change was on the horizon. But that hope […]

Rights Groups Question ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Figure’s Prospect for Fair Trial

“One of the main reasons that we monitor trials is to shine a light and to remind governments of their obligations to respect fundamental rights, including the right to a lawyer of one’s choice, as well as numerous other rights,” said Mooya Nyaundi, the ABA Center for Human Rights Senior Staff Attorney. 

Kangana Ranaut’s ‘I felt raped’ after office demolition comment questioned by Twitter user, actor calls her ‘fake feminist’

She again brought up adult star-turned-actor Sunny Leone in her tweets. “Liberal brigade once virtually lynched a renowned writer in to silence for saying people like Sunny Leone should not be our role models, Sunny is accepted by the industry and entire India as an artist, suddenly fake feminists equating being a porn star to […]

After stints in UK, Qatar, Egypt, Okosun harps on need for national railway network

Secondly, the whole issue of power needs to be addressed, and of course, the economy needs some measure of stability. The current uncertainty of situations doesn’t make coming home attractive. However, because of the patriotism to our dear country some of us are willing to come join the government to move things forward.

‘Modi govt wants to control voices of Kashmiris’

Now, there’s no clamp down on them for talking about Article 370. However, suddenly, the BJP is getting energised and talking about it because they are going to oppose it (reinstatement of Article 370 demanded by the PDP, NC and other political parties in the region).

Privatisation of discoms to unlock a market bigger than telecom: Vinayak Chatterjee

For corporate India, privatisation of discoms is probably the biggest investment opportunity that is staring at it right now, says the Chairman, Feedback Infra.The government has made moves towards privatisation of discoms and has released draft bidding guidelines. The state governments have been trying to address some of the operational issues for a long time […]

Borat Releases Statement on Rudy Giuliani Following Subsequent Moviefilm Controversy

After the scene drew attention in the media, Giuliani addressed the issue on his weekly radio program on Wednesday afternoon, where he described the film segment in question as “a hit job,” adding that, “I am tucking my shirt in, I assure you, that’s all that I was doing.” Giuliani added that he realized he […]

Piers Morgan vows ‘you won’t break me’ as he hits the gym with Olympic trainer

Piers has made no secret of his opinions on the pandemic and the government’s handling of it, and he was met with sick threats after he told those who don’t understand the second wave’s severity to unfollow him.

PM Imran Khan urges US to adopt ‘evenhanded’ treatment with respect to India

“We only restricted areas if we found that there was an outbreak, and we did not stop our supply lines. We did not stop the agriculture sector and quickly reopened the construction sector, because that’s what employs the most people in the urban areas.”

‘Something They Want to Hide?’ Piers Morgan Slams Biden’s Response to Son Hunter’s Laptop Scandal

“It doesn’t matter what side you’re on here. Journalism, freedom of speech, dictates that when a story like this drops and it’s not being denied by the people it’s accusing for six days now, clearly there’s something there that they want to hide,” said Morgan. The host of Good Morning Britain gave the interview a […]