Canada’s Ontario Teachers’ partners with Edelweiss Group to invest $350 million in Indian private credit

Edelweiss Standalone June 2020 Net Sales at Rs 68.09 crore, down 56.74% Y-o-Y India’s top contract maker of room ACs Amber Enterprises targets Rs 500 crore QIP in September Edelweiss withdraws from LIC pre-IPO advisor selection over concerns of conflict of interest

Edelweiss Financial climbs 5% on $350 mil deal with Canada’s Ontario Teachers

“This partnership comes at a time when there is a thrust towards empowering and enabling India to become a global manufacturing hub as vocalised by the Government’s ‘Atmanirbhar – self-reliance’ vision. The need for long-term patient capital in India presents a huge opportunity for private debt managers,” Rashesh Shah, Chairman and CEO at Edelweiss Group […]

Coronavirus: Will universities be exempt from the new rules? And other questions

Should people stop having sex? from Martha Menschel in Las Vegas If you live with your partner, they count as being part of your household. If neither of you is showing coronavirus symptoms and you are already in close contact, having sex won’t increase the likelihood of you catching the virus from one another. If […]

Djokovic’s breakaway move divides opinion, ruffles rivals

“You have what other athletes in other sports would strive for-a seat at the boardroom table. That is what players fought for in the creation of the ATP Tour,” Gaudenzi wrote. “It makes no sense why you would be better served by shifting your role from the inside to the outside of the governance structure.”